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What Pictures Should I Take After a Car Accident?

Car accidents happen frequently in the Tampa Bay area. If you are involved in a crash, we highly recommend that you make it a priority to take photos of the crash scene. Having photographic evidence will prove to be extremely valuable to you at a later date as you pursue your accident claim.

The benefits of taking photos of an accident scene:

  • Photos help to prove fault
  • Photos prove damage
  • Photo evidence is difficult to dispute

Once everyone is safe, we recommend taking photos of your vehicle, other vehicles involved in the accident, the scene where the accident occurred, and your injuries.

4 Tips When Taking Pictures of an Accident

  • Be sure to take photos of all the cars involved in the accident, not just your own.
  • Capture photos from multiple angles. Close-up shots also work well to show the extent of the damage.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures of any injuries. Include shots of any redness or marks from your seat belt that will prove you were wearing it at the time of the accident.
  • Include photos that highlight the angles which the vehicles collided, skid marks or lack of skid marks, positioning on the roadway, traffic signs, and any other pertinent details.

Protect Yourself From A Claim Dispute

Photos can tell the story of how the crash happened. They will be crucial evidence if the at-fault driver denies liability or if the insurance company disputes your claim.

  • Photos of property damage can demonstrate the severity of the crash.
  • Medical records alone may not always be enough to tie your injuries to the collision. Photos of your injuries immediately after the crash can further strengthen your claim.

After an auto accident, things can get so hectic that you’ll probably have a hard time thinking straight. Making a mistake such as not taking photos can cost you later down the road.

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The Best Way to Deal With an Accident is to be Prepared for One

Nobody plans on having an accident, but should you be involved in one, it’s smart to have a plan for what to do. Accidents are stressful and chaotic and they may involve injuries. That is why it is important to understand what steps you must take now, so you will be prepared and able to use your best judgment if you are involved in an accident.

Immediately after a car accident, try to stay calm, check for injuries, seek medical attention on the scene if needed and call the police.

The next steps are critical and need to be done right away to later build a personal injury case and recover damages. Even if you don’t anticipate you will need an attorney, it is in your best interest to be prepared.

Talk to witnesses and collect their contact information. Don’t expect the witnesses’ contact information to be available in a police report should you need their information later. The best opportunity for you to gather this information is right after the accident.

Take pictures of ALL vehicles involved, the crash scene, the road (for skid marks or the absence of skid marks) and your injuries.

Exchange information with all other parties involved in the accident.

Try to remain calm and polite throughout this process, but be careful not to apologize or take blame for the accident, because the insurance company can use it against you later.

You may want to take a moment to write down any information and details about the accident, that way you won’t forget any details later.

Also, be careful what you say to an insurance representative. After an accident, the insurance company may call you to ask for a statement or offer you a settlement. The insurance companies are hoping you will accept a smaller settlement than what you may deserve. Let them know that you want to consult with your personal injury lawyer before making any statements or decisions.

If an insurance company is offering you a settlement and you’re not sure if you should accept, ask us. We’d be happy to answer your questions. It’s free to call us for advice and there is no commitment necessary.

What happens when the other driver doesn’t have car insurance?

There are many uninsured drivers in Florida. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the country, roughly 1 in 4 drivers is uninsured.

In Florida, you are only required to carry PIP and Property Damage coverage. This means a driver can legally be on the road with just PIP and Property Damage and not have the coverage to protect others in case that driver is at fault. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is that having the bare minimum is good enough. Unfortunately, when someone is hurt in an accident, a single hospital visit can very often cost over $10,000, essentially exhausting your entire PIP coverage.

What does this mean?

If you are involved in an auto accident with a driver that does not have liability coverage, you may not have coverage beyond the first $10,000 in immediate medical expenses and some lost wages. You will not be protected for medical expenses beyond the first $10,000, any future medical expenses, significant lost wages, or non-economic damages such as disability, pain, and suffering.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Protect Yourself With UM Coverage

Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage is extremely important in Florida.

  • High chance of being hit by a driver that is not insured.
  • If you are injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you may be paying for your own medical costs and not be able to recover any money for future medical, or pain and suffering.
  • There’s a strong possibility that if you are involved in an accident with a driver who cannot afford insurance, it is unlikely that they would be able to pay for your medical expenses from their own pocket.
  • Most importantly, UM coverage protects you. It is the best way to ensure your coverage doesn’t come up short when the worst happens.

3 things you need to know about protecting yourself with this important coverage:

  • Insurance companies are required to offer uninsured motorist coverage, but it is not mandatory for you to have it on your policy in FL.
  • It is the most important coverage you can have in Florida. If you do not have UM coverage, then you are not protected. Medical bills following an accident can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage cost is quite reasonable.

Do you already have uninsured motorist coverage?

If you do, that’s great, but be sure to re-evaluate your policy from time to time to ensure that you are adequately covered.

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Insurance Company Lowers Claim Value Because of Former Military Service

Our firm has provided personal legal representation for thousands of clients injured in auto accidents. Time and again we hear from our clients all types of tactics the insurance companies will use to limit or deny injury claims.

We recently represented a former military member. Our client was in a bad car accident caused by an uninsured driver. All medical professionals agreed that there was no evidence of prior injuries, however her insurance company valued the claim for less because she is former military. The suggestion was that she could not have been in good shape to begin with given her past military involvement, therefore her injuries are worth less.

We disagree. We think that our military should not be punished financially for their service.  We are dedicated to fighting for the rights for every one of our clients, including current and former members of the military.

Do you agree that service members should not be penalized financially for protecting our nation? Tell us what you think.