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North Port Child Injury Lawyer

Tatiana Boohoff LawyerChildren should live happy childhoods and should feel safe as they are growing up. However, that doesn’t always happen. Accidents and negligent actions could cause injuries that could have a long-term impact on a child, whether physically or emotionally. While compensation doesn’t erase the event, it does serve justice and helps parents and caretakers with medical expenses and caring for an injured child. If your child suffered injuries in an accident, contact Boohoff Law’s North Port child injury lawyers for more information.

Children and Injuries

You and your child should not have to suffer from the preventable accidents caused by someone else’s negligence, whether the accident causes minor injuries, catastrophic injuries or death.

Another person’s negligence could cause injuries or death, including a babysitter, pediatrician, a driver that hits your car, or even people or companies that cater to children, such as amusement parks.

Types of preventable injuries might include:

  • Traffic-related injuries caused by defective or improperly installed car seats, defects in bicycles and bicycling equipment defects, the negligence of motor vehicles or even other bicyclists, poorly maintained bicycle paths, school bus driver negligence, and school bus accidents caused by someone other than the school bus driver or a poorly maintained school bus.
  • Injuries caused by equipment and/or others at places designed for children, including amusement parks and daycare facilities. A child could suffer from injuries on a ride at an amusement park if the ride operator doesn’t follow the rules, from responsibly operating the ride to allowing children who are too small to get on. In some cases, the ride may malfunction because of poor maintenance. Daycare workers who are negligent in their care of a child could face responsibility for injuries. For example, a daycare worker who doesn’t lock an outside door or playground gate and allows a child to wander out of the building or into traffic could face liability. Children could also suffer injuries on a playground if the equipment is not well maintained, or if another child bullies your children by pushing your children off the equipment or even if another child hits your child.
  • Children could suffer from birth injuries caused by medical malpractice during the mother’s pregnancy or during the birth. Asphyxia is caused by a lack of oxygen to the fetus or a newborn, resulting in a brain injury. Other birth injuries include cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, heart problems, facial nerve issues and more.
  • Defective products also cause childhood injuries. If a toy breaks, a child could choke on the small pieces. A child could put a piece of a toy in his or her mouth and choke on it if the manufacturer doesn’t label the toy with the appropriate age. Choking prevents the child from breathing, which prevents oxygen from getting to the brain. This, in turn, could cause brain injuries if you are not able to dislodge the object fast enough. Even products made for children could cause injuries. Defective cribs and accessories for the crib could cause injuries or even death. If the slats are not close enough, a child could get stuck and strangle himself. Mobiles made for cribs could break and allow small pieces to get within a child’s reach. Children’s lamps with cords or even other appliances that you might keep in the child’s room, such as a bottle warmer with a cord could have devastating consequences if a child pulls the lamp or appliance over by the cord.
  • Burn injuries might come from a child touching a hot stove if you or a caregiver does not properly supervise the child, but burns from tap water are far more common. Negligent caregivers could bathe the child in water that is too hot or allow a child to play unsupervised in the tub. Burns could also come from defective products.
  • Drowning injuries and death usually happen if a child has access to a pool because a gate is non-existent or unlocked. Sometimes, the lock malfunctions and the child manages to get into the pool. Or, a child may drown because adults are not paying attention to the child in the pool. Other drowning injuries or deaths could happen in a sink or a bathtub. It takes just a few minutes of being unsupervised in a tub or sink for a child to drown. Children could also suffer drowning injuries or death in a public pool if the pool has a defect or the parents and lifeguards are not paying attention.
  • Dog bite injuries could come from the child’s family’s dog or a strange dog that is running loose. A dog owner that doesn’t keep his or her dog, including the family dog, under control is liable for the child’s injuries or death.

Our child injury lawyers have experience in all types of child accident injuries. If your child suffers injuries from these and other types of child accident injuries, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Damages for Child Injuries

When your child suffers an injury, you might be entitled to certain damages, especially if the injuries cause long-term or permanent damage. Damages include:

  • Child Injury Accident Past and future medical expenses, including cognitive, physical and psychological therapy and follow-up doctors’ appointments;
  • Future loss of income if your child suffers a permanent injury;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and/or disfigurement;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental/emotional anguish;
  • Diminished quality of life; and
  • Funeral and burial expenses if your child dies as a result of an accident or succumbs to injuries received in an accident.

Contact Boohoff Law’s Child Injury Attorneys Today

If you believe your child suffered injuries or death due to the negligence of another person, please contact Boohoff Law at (877) 999-9999 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options. We will treat you with kindness and respect as we do our best to recover the compensation you deserve.

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