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North Port Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents can happen in many places—your home, your yard, in a retail establishment, or even at work or school. Generally, people contact a slip and fall attorney to help them with settlement negotiations with an insurance company or to sue the establishment where their fall occurred. If you slip and fall in your own home or yard, however, your homeowner’s insurance might cover your medical expenses and lost wages, depending on the circumstances.

Regardless of where or how in North Port you fell, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Boohoff Law to discuss your situation.

Slip and Fall Injuries

In many cases, slip and fall injuries are minor, and you don’t even miss work. However, sometimes falling causes severe injuries. If you land the wrong way, you can break bones or even suffer injuries to your spinal cord, neck, or head. These injuries might cause you to be out of commission for several weeks or even months or years.

North Port Slip and Fall Accident Traumatic brain injuries can range from minor concussions to permanent brain damage. A minor concussion might keep you out of work for a day or two, but it could have repercussions later in life, especially if this isn’t your first concussion.

Recent studies have found that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease, affects some people who have suffered from previous concussions. In most cases, this brain disease affects those who have had multiple concussions, but some people may have symptoms of this disease after just one concussion. Unfortunately, doctors cannot say for sure that you have CTE based on symptoms and cannot accurately diagnose the disease until after your death.

If you suffer a concussion in a slip and fall accident, you should ask your doctor about the chances of getting CTE later in life. Your doctor must look at your medical history, including the number of concussions you have had in the past, to make an educated guess. However, if the chances that you will later contract CTE are high, your slip and fall lawyer needs to know this so that they can incorporate this possibility into settlement negotiations or ask for future medical expenses during litigation.

Concussions are not the only injuries that can cause long-term or permanent injuries or that can cause illnesses later in life. If you hurt your back, neck, or shoulders when you fall, you might suffer from long-term or permanent injuries, including paralysis.

Some of these injuries may not present until hours or even days later, because of the adrenaline your body produces when you fall. Always seek medical attention immediately after a fall, then contact your attorney as soon as possible to help you file a claim, go through negotiations and, if needed, file a lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Accidents

You don’t have to be clumsy to have a slip and fall accident. Many things can cause you to fall, including, but not limited to:

  • Uneven sidewalks or roads;
  • Iced-over or wet walkways;
  • A spill on the floor, whether in a retail establishment, your home, or a friend’s home;
  • Items and/or debris left on the floor, such as cords or trash;
  • Loose floorboards;
  • Torn carpets;
  • Staircases that are not properly constructed; or
  • Potholes.

Determining Negligence

A slip and fall accident is a tort, which means that you have to meet four elements to prove the defendant’s negligence:

  1. Duty: You need to prove that the property owner owed you a duty of care to keep you safe while on the property.
  2. Breach: Once you prove that the owner owed you a duty of care, you must then show that the owner breached that duty. For example, in a slip and fall accident, if the owner did not clean up a spill, did not clear icy sidewalks, did not fix a broken step, did not warn of slippery floors or cordon them off, or did not fix a broken handrail, the owner breached their duty to keep their property safe.
  3. Causation: After you prove the owner had a duty and breached that duty, you then have to show that the breach caused your fall. Property owners will often try to blame you for falling or will insist that you had a preexisting condition that caused the fall, rather than taking the blame for the dangerous situation on their property. The sooner you seek medical attention after a slip and fall, the more easily you will be able to prove causation.
  4. Harm: Finally, you have to show that the fall harmed you. If you did not sustain any injuries when you fell, you do not have a case. However, if you do have injuries, the property owner might have to pay damages, including past and future medical expenses, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Always seek medical attention when you fall. You might not think you are hurt at the time, but some injuries take hours or even days to show up. In some cases, those injuries can affect you for the rest of your life.

Choose Our Experienced North Port Slip and Fall Lawyers

Tatiana Boohoff Lawyer
North Port Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Because slip and fall cases are often complicated, it takes an experienced slip and fall attorney to review your medical records and investigate the case. The attorney might hire expert witnesses to help prove that your injuries happened because of the fall, and to show that those injuries may be long-term or even permanent. Expert witnesses are specialists in certain fields. For example, if you fall and hit your head and your doctors believe that you have an irreversible brain injury as a result, your attorney might ask a doctor who specializes in traumatic brain injuries to testify in your case.

Once you receive medical care, contact an experienced North Port slip and fall lawyer at Boohoff Law at (877) 999-9999 as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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