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Tatiana Boohoff

Tatiana Boohoff

As the managing partner of Boohoff Law I represent people and families injured by the negligence of others. With extensive experience in settling personal injury claims, I fight for my clients to get them the justice and full financial compensation they deserve.

I investigate each situation, find out who is responsible, and hold them accountable. Each case I treat individually. Some clients may be concerned only with getting maximum financial recovery. Others, while also wanting the same recovery, may be dealing with other matters—for example, a divorce, bankruptcy, or a move. These could affect the strategy for each case.

What Is My Approach?

As a member of the Florida Bar Association, I have a degree in Law from Boston University, one of the top law schools in the United States. Though I am known throughout the Tampa Bay Area and central Florida for representing clients concerned about their medical bills, vehicle damage, and time missed from work, I am most proud of my approach that makes me different from many attorneys.

This approach goes back to my early years: while still in high school I worked for an attorney who handled car accident cases. Though he treated me with respect and helped many clients, his personal dealings with them sometimes lacked warmth—something that is unfortunately common among attorneys.

Having seen this impersonality at an early age, I learned long ago the importance of treating every client with patience and respect, and decided that when I became an attorney I would be different. I am often touched by clients who tell me that I am much easier to get on the phone and more agreeable than the attorneys they have dealt with in the past. Small things such as helping an injured victim sit down in the waiting room, or holding their hand as they get up, go a long way when a person is in a stressful and vulnerable situation.

I feel blessed to be able to combine my analytical skills, keen sense of justice, and sympathy for the injured in order to serve my clients.

When not working or volunteering in the community, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and two sons, and playing tennis, swimming, and fishing in the beautiful Florida waters.

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