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What to Do After a Seattle Car Accident to Protect Your Future

Posted By Boohoff Law | | August 15, 2019

A car accident is a sudden and traumatic event that is over in seconds yet it can affect your life forever. Once the shock wears off, the overwhelming reality of your situation sets in. You develop serious concerns about your finances and employment. At the same time, you deal with medical procedures and pain from […]

Road Rash Injuries Can Derail Lives

Posted By Boohoff Law | | August 8, 2019

Road rash is the informal term used to describe an abrasion(s) on a person’s body after they come in contact with a road. Motorcyclists and bicyclists face the most risk of suffering road rash injuries when they are in an accident, and get thrown from their bikes; however, those who get ejected from their motor […]

Medical Errors

Posted By Boohoff Law | | August 1, 2019

Have you ever been the victim of a medical error? Before you answer, consider if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of American patients who had an adverse drug reaction but didn’t tell your doctor or pharmacist. While medication errors don’t always lead to catastrophic outcomes, they are still capable of causing harm. The […]

Planning a Safe Road Trip

Posted By Boohoff Law | | June 27, 2019

Road trips can be great fun. Whether you’re heading out with your family, your friends, or on your own, it’s always a good idea to keep safety in mind. Unless you enjoy juggling road hazards and unanticipated risks, consider these few tips before you go. They’ll help you bypass a few not-so-great surprises and help […]

NHTSA Investigates Additional 12.3 Million Vehicles for Defective ZF TRW Airbags

Posted By Boohoff Law | | June 25, 2019

Airbags remain a continuous target for safety investigations and consumer product recalls. After some airbags in Hyundai and Kia vehicles didn’t deploy, and caused four fatalities and six people to suffer serious injuries, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated more than 400,000 vehicles in 2018. In April 2019, the NHTSA expanded their investigation […]

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Washington and Oregon: What to Know Before You Ride

Posted By Boohoff Law | | June 20, 2019

The Pacific Northwest offers some of most scenic motorcycle routes in the United States. Highway 20 in Washington and the Aufderheide Memorial Drive in Oregon are just two routes that offer more than 60 miles of natural beauty. Traveling these roads, or any other road throughout Washington and Oregon, by motorcycle requires the use of […]

How to Prove a Car Accident Claim

Posted By Boohoff Law | | June 13, 2019

Car accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. Whether your car only suffers minor property damage or someone sustains a serious injury, at some point in your life, you will probably experience a car accident. In 2017, Washington experienced 565 fatal car accidents throughout the state. The Question of Fault If you’ve been involved […]

Back and Neck Injuries From Rear-End Collisions

Posted By Boohoff Law | | June 6, 2019

The United States experiences more than six-million car accidents each year. Back and neck injuries are common, especially in rear-end collisions. These injuries are often catastrophic, leaving the victim with a long term disability and huge medical bills. Car accidents are a leading cause of trauma in the country, and approximately 10 percent of all […]

Washington State Motorcycle Laws

Posted By Boohoff Law | | May 30, 2019

You get a certain sense of freedom and peace when you ride your motorcycle in Seattle. Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, and awe-inspiring ocean views provide a beautiful backdrop for each journey. As a biker, you encounter that freedom and the beauty each time you hit the road but you must make room for caution as […]