How Long Can I Wait to Hire a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident forces injured riders and their family members to contend with all sorts of unexpected challenges and expenses. The confusion and difficulty of life in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can make it difficult to know where to turn, or when to ask, for help.
If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, then you may have a sense that you need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, but you may not know when that should happen.
How long can you wait to make the call? The sooner the better. Here’s why.

The Clock Is Already Running out on Your Rights

As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you likely have the legal right to receive compensation for your injuries and losses from the parties who caused them.
However, that legal right has an expiration date, known as the statute of limitations. If you wait too long to take legal action to recover compensation for your injuries and losses, you can lose your rights altogether.
The length of the statute of limitations varies from state-to-state, but typically lasts months to just a few years. The clock starts running on the statute of limitations beginning the moment you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident.
The best way to make sure you do not accidentally miss the expiration date for your rights to seek compensation after a motorcycle accident is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your motorcycle crash.

When It Comes to Talking to a Lawyer, Good Things Come to Those Who Do Not Wait

The statute of limitations is the outside time limit on your legal rights. Do not think of it as a suggestion for when you should seek the help of a skilled motorcycle accident injury lawyer.
If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries and losses, then you do not have a moment to lose in speaking with an attorney. Here are several reasons why you cannot wait another minute to hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident.

Someone Needs to Preserve Evidence and Witness Recollections Right Now

With every day that passes after your motorcycle accident, chances increase that key evidence will go missing and that witnesses will forget important details about the crash. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner the lawyer can prevent that from happening by locating and securing evidence and speaking with witnesses.

It Might Take a While to Investigate Your Motorcycle Accident and Build Your Strongest Case

Winning lawsuits aren’t built in a day. Even the most skilled and experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyers often need a solid block of time to dig into the details of your motorcycle crash to determine how it happened, who should take the blame for it, and how much money you deserve as damages. They may need to hire experts to reconstruct the accident. They may want to wait for your doctors to give you a firm prediction of your future medical needs. They may think you should explore alternatives to a lawsuit.
The sooner you hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident, in other words, the more options and opportunities you give your lawyer to build you the strongest possible case.

Defense Lawyers and Insurance Companies Take Quick Action Seriously

To make the most of your legal rights, you need representatives of the parties who owe you money to take your claim seriously. The sooner you act, the better the odds that those defense lawyers and insurance companies, in particular, will see you as someone who means business. Serious claims can lead to serious money.
If you wait to hire a lawyer after your motorcycle accident, however, you risk making your claim look like an after-thought to the people who decide how much money to offer you as a settlement. Do not risk making that mistake. Hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident today.

It Costs You Nothing to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Sometimes, people wait to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer because they fear they cannot afford to pay legal bills.
They do not need to worry. Skilled motorcycle accident injury lawyers offer free case consultations to potential clients. It costs you nothing to contact a lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options.
Those same lawyers also virtually always work on contingency. That means they agree to work for motorcycle accident victims without receiving any payment up-front or as the case goes along. Instead, their legal fee gets paid out of any money they succeed in recovering on a client’s behalf. If you don’t get paid, in other words, then the lawyer does not get paid either.
Experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyers represent clients on contingency because they know how injuries and losses can put crash victims under severe financial strain. These lawyers believe that everyone deserves to have a high-quality lawyer representing them in their moments of need. Working on contingency makes that possible.

Instead of “How Long Can I Wait?” Ask “How Long Should I Wait?”

motorcycle accident attorneyLet’s recap. The basic answer to how long you can wait to hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident is: until the statute of limitations expires and you lose your rights.
But, as we’ve said, it’s not always obvious how long the statute of limitations lasts, and in any event, it’s an outside time limit, not a target date.
The better question to ask is: “How long should I wait to hire a lawyer for my motorcycle accident case?” The answer to that question is clear: Not another moment. You have potentially valuable legal rights to receive significant compensation for your injuries and losses, and you have the best chance of receiving that compensation if you act now.
To learn more about your rights after suffering injuries and losses in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney right away.

January 24, 2021

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