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North Port Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you are one of the millions of people who love to ride a bicycle, North Port Florida is a natural place for you to take advantage of great weather nearly year-round. In fact, during the “cold” period, the average low temperature is 58 degrees, perfect weather to travel around by bicycle.

However, if you are one of the many bicyclists who are hurt in an accident, you may feel uncertain about where to turn.

If you are a victim of a North Port Florida bicycle accident, contact an experienced car accident attorneys at Boohoff Law. Our North Port personal injury lawyers have years of experience helping people just like you, and we’re ready to help you right now. We’re open 24/7 to schedule a free consultation.

Understanding Why Our Experience Matters With Bicycle Accidents

Florida has a no-fault statute when it applies to auto insurance. Therefore, auto insurance companies generally handle a bicycle accident. However, some bicycle accident victims do not have their own insurance because they may not have a car.

Finding an attorney who cares about the outcome of your bicycle accident case can help ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to. While no attorney can guarantee results based on past results, knowing someone with the experience of Boohoff Law is handling your case will help put your mind at ease.

Bicycle Accidents Can Cause Devastating Injuries

There are several ways a bike accident can occur. For example, a car pulling out of an intersection can strike a bike sideways toppling the bike and the rider. This can result in head injuries, back injuries, and broken bones. Other types of injuries can include:

  • Bicycle Accident InjuriesCuts and abrasions which result in scarring
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to the eyes from dirt and debris
  • Muscle strains
  • Road rash

Even when you think the injuries are minor, such as cuts and abrasions or road rash, they can cause additional problems later. Should your open wounds get infected you could be looking at weeks of healing, additional treatments, and in serious cases, may require surgery. Unfortunately, Florida remains one of the most dangerous places to ride a bike and many victims lose their lives in bicycle accidents.

Liability and Fault After Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle injuries can be catastrophic and when the accident occurred with a motor vehicle, victims are facing long recovery times, lost time from work, and potentially life-long scarring. Generally, the driver of a car who struck a bicycle rider is the party at fault.

Whether the driver was drunk driving, distracted by cell phone use, or they simply failed to follow the proper rules for sharing the road with bike riders, they must be held liable for their action, or inaction in protecting others who are on the road.

You will have to work with an attorney who has experience handling both car accidents and bike accidents if you are one of the thousands of bicycle accident victims injured on Florida roadways. Unfortunately, the motor vehicle driver will do everything in their power to try to transfer the blame to the accident to the bike rider, making it imperative you have someone protecting your interests.

Compensation That Victims May Collect

Victims of bicycle accidents often do not know the extent of their injuries for days, or even weeks after being involved in an accident. While initially victims may think they have only cuts and bruises, there is still the possibility once the shock of the accident passes, they will feel soft tissue injuries, problems with their back, and other pain caused by being thrown to the ground.

Typical damages a personal injury attorney can help recover include:

  • Medical bills – Cost of treatment of injuries including pain medications, tests, X-rays, and rehabilitation when necessary
  • Lost income – Victims who are out of work because of a bicycle accident may be able to recover their lost wages. If the victim is going to be out of work for an extended period, losing their income could be a serious financial hardship.
  • Property damage – Bikes are not free and when your bike is damaged because you were involved in a bicycle accident, you have the right to have it repaired or replaced by the responsible party.

Injured cyclists may recover additional damages, including compensation for pain and suffering and permanent scarring, and potentially punitive damages. Talk to your bicycle accident lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case.

Victim Blaming is Common

One of the ways insurance companies will try to get out of paying a fair settlement is to blame the victim for their injuries. There are two ways of doing this, first by trying to show the victim was responsible for the accident, and the other is to show the victim was injured before the accident. Therefore, a bicycle accident victim needs an attorney with experience handling these cases. Your attorney is going to serve as your advocate and fight to hold the responsible party accountable.

Victims Ask About Lawyer Fees

Tatiana Boohoff Lawyer
North Port Bicycle  Accident Attorney

One of the most common questions a victim of a bicycle accident asks is “how much will a lawyer cost me”. This is certainly a legitimate question and the concern is generally how it is possible to afford a lawyer when you are facing an uncertain return to employment and paying unexpected medical bills. The good news is North Port bicycle accident attorneys will come to your home, or hospital and provide a free consultation.

Should you be able to reach an agreement to have them represent you, they will typically take the case on a contingency basis. This means that unless we are successful in obtaining a settlement, you pay nothing for legal fees upfront, and all fees are recovered by the law firm as a percentage of your settlement.

When you need someone who will act as your advocate, fight to get you the compensation you deserve after a bicycle accident, and answer your questions, contact Boohoff Law immediately at (877) 999-9999. Make sure you have someone protecting your rights, whether you were the victim or you lost a loved one in a bicycle accident in North Port.

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Client Testimonial

“My first impression of Tatiana and her staff is the reason why I chose her even though I live in Metro Orlando area. I felt like I could trust her as she walked me through every step. Tatiana’s expertise and her staff’s sense of urgency and professionalism is what made me a happy client. Her expertise gained me the best outcome in my case, and not that I would like to say if it ever happens; however, if I or my family have another accident I will be hiring her and her company again. Thank you Boohof Law Firm for all your teamwork!”

-Yana O.

Review: 5/5
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