Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur in Tampa?

Most car accidents in Tampa occur at intersections. This is not unique to Tampa, as intersections pose several hazards threatening motorists and pedestrians across the nation.

Some intersections are especially dangerous and are responsible for an outsized number of car accidents in Tampa. You might not avoid these intersections, but you can pay careful attention when encountering them. In case an accident does occur and causes you to suffer injuries or lose a loved one, it’s essential to reach out to a skilled Tampa car accident lawyer who can help you seek compensation from liable parties.

Ten of the Most Dangerous Intersections in the Tampa Area

Intersection crashes are particularly common in cities like Tampa.

Some of the common locations for intersection collisions in Tampa include:

Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur in Tampa

  1. Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue West
  2. Anderson Road and Waters Avenue West
  3. Waters Avenue West and Hanley Road
  4. Hillsborough Avenue West and Sheldon Road
  5. Highway 301 South and Gibsonton Drive
  6. Waters Avenue and Himes Avenue North
  7. 301 Highway South and Big Bend Road
  8. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Fletcher Avenue East
  9. Bloomingdale Avenue and Bell Shoals Road
  10. Bloomingdale Avenue and Providence Road

Many of these intersections see high traffic volumes, which is one of the reasons they are the site of so many car accidents. One study examined the Tampa and Tampa-adjacent intersections with the most accidents in a single calendar year and revealed the above as the most dangerous intersections in the area.

Why Are Intersections So Dangerous to Drivers in Tampa?

Intersections are notoriously dangerous junctures in the roadway, as they tend to:

  • Bring large volumes of motorists together, as traffic signals, roundabouts, and stop signs can cause traffic to pile up
  • Bring motorists and pedestrians in close proximity, presenting an obvious and frequent risk of pedestrian accidents
  • Be chaotic and confusing, as changing traffic signals, crossing pedestrians, and other distractions can confuse motorists
  • Require motorists to make judgment calls, including whether to turn left on a green light, allow others the right of way, and turn right into oncoming traffic

To navigate intersections without incident, motorists must be skilled, alert, cautious, and defensive. Furthermore, their vehicles must not let them down, either. It should be no surprise that intersections are where most car accidents occur in Tampa.

Tampa’s Traffic Landscape Is Growing and Evolving, So New and Dangerous Intersections Arise Each Year

As the population in Tampa in surrounding communities continues to grow, the traffic landscape stays in constant flux. Roads expand, new roads get built, and new intersections emerge, some joining the ranks of the most dangerous intersections in Tampa.

Seemingly constant construction on Tampa’s roadways poses yet another challenge to motorists and pedestrians.

Construction means that motorists must:

  • Be aware of work crews, changing lanes, and taking other precautionary measures as necessary
  • Reduce speed in work areas
  • Be aware of traffic barrels, concrete barriers, and other construction-related hazards that can make driving difficult and stressful
  • Navigate uneven or rough driving surfaces
  • Continue to drive safely and defensively despite construction-related hazards and distractions

As Tampa’s road network changes, the demands on drivers and pedestrians remain the same: Act cautiously at all times, taking every necessary measure to avoid causing a collision.

Why Are Some Intersections in Tampa Especially Dangerous?

As data indicates, some intersections in Tampa are more dangerous than others. An intersection may be more dangerous than average because of:

Heavy Traffic

An intersection with a steady flow of heavy traffic will generally be the site of more accidents.

Heavy-traffic intersections may be more dangerous than average because:

  • The more vehicles that pass through an intersection, the more likely an accident becomes
  • Motorists may become frustrated with long waits at high-traffic intersections and may be more likely to make rash decisions (like running a red light)
  • High-traffic intersections may be more chaotic and confusing than most, increasing the risk that an accident will take place

It’s no coincidence that some of the intersections in Tampa with the highest daily traffic volumes are among the most dangerous intersections in the city.

Blind Spots

Some intersections have blindspots and obstructions that present a clear hazard to motorists and pedestrians.

Such obstructions can include:

  • Nearby trees and hedges that obstruct the view of oncoming traffic
  • Poorly positioned signs that interfere with motorists’ line of sight
  • Nearby buildings that require motorists to creep close to the intersection to see oncoming traffic

A municipality generally must remove such hazards when possible. However, many intersections in Florida today have visual obstructions, and these blindspots may make those intersections more dangerous than most.

Geographic Location

For example, if an intersection is in a location where many hurried professionals frequent, motorists may run red lights or engage in other dangerous acts. An intersection’s geographic location also determines traffic volume and overall accident risks.

Heavy Pedestrian Traffic

Intersections where pedestrians regularly cross the street or ride bikes or scooters along motor vehicles may have a higher-than-average rate of pedestrian accidents. When motorists or pedestrians fail to follow traffic signals, look out for each other, or engage in generally dangerous behavior, the risk of an accident may skyrocket.

Inadequate Signals

The design of an intersection can contribute to (or prevent) accidents.

Intersections that lack sufficient signals may be most dangerous, and this includes a lack of:

  • Stop signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Yield signs
  • Crosswalks
  • Pedestrian crossing signals
  • Other safety-specific signage and signals

If these safety features are present but defective (such as an out-of-commission traffic light), motorists and pedestrians may have to make judgment calls that lead to accidents.

Poor Lighting

Intersections with inadequate lighting may become dangerous at night or in inclement weather. Poor lighting can make it difficult for motorists to see pedestrians, especially when motorists have less-than-perfect vision.

Who Is at Greatest Risk When a Tampa Intersection Accident Happens?

While a pedestrian accident can cause serious injury to anyone involved (including motorists), some groups face an outsized risk of suffering injuries, including fatal injuries.

These high-risk groups include:

  • Pedestrians: A collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian is not equal. Pedestrians weigh far less than motor vehicles, and a pedestrian has little to no physical protection from an oncoming motor vehicle. Tragically, many pedestrian accidents are fatal, especially when the oncoming vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed.
  • Motorcyclists: Tampa ranks in the top 25 percent of Florida cities regarding fatal motorcycle accidents, and many of those fatal accidents may happen at intersections. Motorcyclists have few physical protections from oncoming vehicles, even when wearing helmets.
  • Bike and scooter riders: The outcome is often devastating when a motorist hits a bike or scooter rider at an intersection.
  • Those in compact vehicles: Smaller cars may not have the structural protection that larger cars, SUVs, and trucks afford. Therefore, when two vehicles collide at an intersection, the person (or people) in the smaller car may face the greatest risk of injury or death.

Non-truckers involved in truck accidents at intersections are also at high risk. Trucks can weigh as much as 30 times more than smaller vehicles (let alone pedestrians), so truck accident victims face a higher-than-average risk of suffering injuries.

Why Motor Vehicle Accidents Happen in Tampa, Regardless of Location

Even in the most dangerous intersections, motorists might prevent crashes if they are careful. However, you cannot control the actions of other drivers who might drive through intersections negligently.

Many car accidents occur at intersections in Tampa because:

  • Motorists engage in dangerous behaviors: Motorists are the greatest threat to other motorists and pedestrians. When motorists disregard traffic signals, ignore or misjudge the right of way, speed, tailgate, and engage in other dangerous driving behaviors, they increase the risk of an intersection accident.
  • Motorists are impaired: Intersections can be dangerous even when a motorist is sober and alert. When a motorist is drunk, on drugs, tired, or impaired in any other way, the risk of an accident may increase significantly.
  • Vehicles malfunction: Some car accidents happen because of motor vehicle defects. These defects are sometimes the fault of manufacturers and sellers, and other times result from a lack of maintenance by a vehicle owner. Blown tires, faulty brakes, and steering wheel lock-ups are examples of events that may result from vehicle defects.
  • Pedestrians act carelessly: Pedestrians can be responsible for intersection accidents. A pedestrian may carelessly enter the roadway, which may cause a vehicle to strike them, or cause a vehicle to swerve, striking another vehicle or fixed object.
  • A municipality puts motorists and pedestrians at an unacceptable risk of danger: A municipality may be responsible if dangers at the intersection, like malfunctioning traffic lights, cause an accident. Municipal employees are responsible for monitoring the safety of intersections and fixing or removing hazards as quickly as possible.

An attorney can identify the cause of your intersection accident in Tampa and determine who is financially liable for the resulting damages.

I Was in a Car Accident in Tampa; What Should I Do Next?

If you were in a car accident at an intersection (or anywhere else) in Tampa, tend first to your health. By focusing on your injuries, you will also improve the odds of success in any financial recovery you pursue.

Receive a Complete Post-Accident Medical Examination

Even if you received medical attention at your accident scene, seeking more thorough medical care in a medical facility is wise.

As you receive medical care, you should:

  • Insist that the doctor provides a diagnosis for any injuries you’ve suffered
  • Ask the doctor whether medical imaging can provide a clearer picture of your injuries
  • Ask for written (or printed) copies of the doctor’s notes
  • Suggest copies of any medical imaging you undergo
  • Keep all bills related to your medical care

These steps should result in a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. Furthermore, your lawyer will also use all relevant medical documentation in your claim or lawsuit.

Always Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash in Tampa

As you receive post-accident medical care, take the time to consider hiring an attorney.

Car accident victims in Tampa hire injury attorneys because:

  • They are too occupied with their recovery to handle an insurance claim or lawsuit
  • They lack experience handling insurance claims and lawsuits and don’t have the time or effort to learn about them
  • They believe a lawyer’s experience, financial support, and resources will be a credit to their case

Car accident attorneys spend their working hours representing car accident victims (and other victims of negligence). This affords those lawyers an extensive knowledge of insurance rules and civil law, as well as the steps that will likely occur in your case.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help After Your Crash in Tampa

A lawyer will fight for a fair financial recovery on your behalf.

Obtaining a settlement or judgment is a multi-step process that generally requires:

  • Obtaining all relevant evidence, including time-sensitive evidence that may not be available for long
  • Documenting your damages
  • Calculating the financial cost of your damages, which will set expectations for your financial recovery
  • Representing you in interactions with insurers and civil defense attorneys
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary

Though trial is not always necessary in Tampa car accident cases, a capable law firm will be ready for court if it is in your best interest as a client.

Recoverable Damages a Lawyer Will Consider in Your Car Accident Case

Though each car accident victim’s damages are unique, some of the damages common to car accident victims include:

Some intersection accidents cost a victim their life. In these cases, car accident lawyers often seek compensation for funeral expenses, loss of consortium, lost financial support, and several other damages.

Research Car Accident Lawyers in Tampa as Soon as Possible

Tatiana Boohoff - Car Accident Attorney in Tampa
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Do not wait to find a trustworthy personal injury attorney to lead your case in Tampa. Your attorney likely faces a non-negotiable filing deadline, so don’t wait to unleash them in pursuit of your financial recovery.

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“Boohoff Law definitely stands behind integrity. Tatiana is not only a fantastic attorney in her expertise, she’s also down-to-earth – truly a people person.”
– Elissa M.
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“Really pleased with Boohoff Law! Received immediate responses when I had any questions. Treated amazingly by all staff … made this process a true breeze!”
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“Everyone here is so helpful. They jumped through every hoop necessary to get me the settlement I rightfully deserved. They made me feel right at home.”
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