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Insurance Company Lowers Claim Value Because of Former Military Service

Our firm has provided personal legal representation for thousands of clients injured in auto accidents. Time and again we hear from our clients all types of tactics the insurance companies will use to limit or deny injury claims.

We recently represented a former military member. Our client was in a bad car accident caused by an uninsured driver. All medical professionals agreed that there was no evidence of prior injuries, however her insurance company valued the claim for less because she is former military. The suggestion was that she could not have been in good shape to begin with given her past military involvement, therefore her injuries are worth less.

We disagree. We think that our military should not be punished financially for their service.  We are dedicated to fighting for the rights for every one of our clients, including current and former members of the military.

Do you agree that service members should not be penalized financially for protecting our nation? Tell us what you think.