​What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do?

Knowing how a car accident lawyer can help your car accident claim is crucial. Car accident victims do not always see the benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer. They often look at the possible negatives instead of how much an attorney can help their case. It is reasonable that as a victim, you want to move past the accident and return to your life.

While all parties want a swift resolution, it is not the best solution in every case. When you suffer severe injuries, you need to exhaust all efforts to ensure fair compensation for your injuries. Attempting to rush the process results in more out-of-pocket expenses and long-term financial strain than going through the proper legal channels.

A car accident attorney aims to get you the compensation you deserve for your damages. Many individuals believe that a Tampa car accident attorney only works to prolong the process of obtaining compensation or that they only want to get money from the case. While this myth is common, it is, in fact, a myth.

A car accident attorney does not benefit from prolonging a case and cannot obtain compensation unless they get you a fair settlement. To get you a fair settlement, they must use their skills and training to collect evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, file court documents and exhaust all legal options. Losing a case does not benefit you or your car accident attorney.

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Advising you of your legal rights and options

Most car accident victims have not attended law school, and many do not understand their rights after a collision. So when an accident occurs, it is normal not to know what to do and how to protect yourself.

Car accident laws vary by state, and you must discuss your legal rights with a local car accident lawyer. Upon gathering information about your circumstances, your lawyer can review local laws and apply them to your claim. They can assess whether someone else should be liable for your injuries and decide on the proper action.

In some states, the at-fault driver’s insurance should automatically cover your losses. In others, you might have to file multiple claims with your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as well as an at-fault claim for severe injuries. Your attorney can advise on the process.

If your case reaches a standstill during the insurance claim process, your car accident attorney can explain other options, such as filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

Send letters of representation

Before anyone from insurance companies tries to manipulate or take action against you, your car crash attorney will send out letters of representation to the negligent parties. Within the letter, they advise that all communications regarding the accident should go through the law firm. The notice can happen through email or phone, but the firm will send a formal statement.

Some parties who will receive these letters are:

  • Drivers
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurance companies
  • Employers

Any entity that may try to contact you regarding the accident can receive a formal letter to halt those communications. If anyone does contact you about the collision, kindly refer them to your law firm. Do not provide them with details aside from your lawyer’s contact information.

Handling communications with the insurance companies

The at-fault party’s insurer does not want to help you and wants to minimize your financial recovery as much as possible. Instead of filing an insurance claim independently, speak to a car accident lawyer. Once you have legal representation, they can notify insurers and file claims on your behalf.

All communications from the insurance company, defense lawyer, and others must go through your lawyer. The defendants are looking for statements that can reduce or deny your claim, but your lawyer knows what to say and how to say it to support your position. Ultimately, the insurance adjuster holds the checkbook, and you need a car accident lawyer who can stand their ground and has a good relationship with insurance professionals.

Investigating the accident to recover all available evidence

It is challenging for accident victims to recover evidence independently, but your car accident lawyer can help you gather difficult-to-find proof of liability. Aside from witness statements and photographs, lawyers can access outside professionals like police officers, accident reconstructionists, and private investigators. Reconstructing the accident can be vital because it might shed light on the actions of each party, what caused the accident, and how negligence played a role.

If police officers reported to the scene, they should have prepared an accident report, which your car accident lawyer can obtain and review. Your accident report is essential, but your lawyer must review what is in the report against other evidence to represent the accident accurately. Whether good or bad, your lawyer must uncover all available evidence to prepare a strategy to use with the insurance company.

Requesting and organizing your medical records

Medical documentation is critical to your injury case, but it is challenging to obtain in some instances. These medical records are yours, but the healthcare provider might not properly send these records to lawyers and patients when you request them. Some facilities will have a designated records custodian whose sole purpose is to review records requests and send them to the appropriate parties.

Additionally, big-name hospitals have specific processes for requesting records unknown to the general public. Sometimes you can get the documents quickly, but they might be incomplete or inaccurate. Occasionally, law firms must request the same records two or three times. They can handle this process so you do not have added frustration of multiple attempts at record requests while you are undergoing treatment.

Your records can reflect your injuries, but if they do not discuss the causation, prognosis, and potential for disability, it can hurt your ability to prove your injuries. Instead, your lawyer can review the records and submit a special request to the doctor to craft a special letter indicating the missing information and their opinion on whether the car accident contributed to or caused your injury, as well as the lasting effects you will experience.

Collaborating with your medical providers to help prove your injuries

Your medical team will prove essential during your collision claim because they are a testament to your injuries. They must provide documentation of your injuries and cooperate with your lawyer for legal proceedings. When serious injuries occur, medical professionals must provide treatment and information on what you will need in the future. Surgery can be successful but still leave you with permanent damage that your medical providers must estimate for your future.

Sometimes your primary doctor doesn’t have the experience or the connections to help your condition. You might need to see specialists or work with medical teams that have experience treating accident victims. Aside from their medical experience, they must also know the verbiage to use when documenting injuries. The insurance company can challenge your doctors if they are unprepared during a deposition or trial.

Calculating your losses

Accident victims might focus on the immediate costs of a car accident, and insurance adjusters use that to settle claims for less. However, your lawyer will look at the future for ways the accident will continue to affect you. They can collect medical documents and receipts for your tangible losses in the preliminary phases. However, a more complex calculation is necessary as your treatment progresses and you reach maximum medical improvement.

You must consider how your injuries will affect your future, like earning a living and raising a family, and the emotional damage it will cause to you and your family. Car accident lawyers will combine all of these factors and more to compile an assessment of your damages. You need an accurate tabulation of your losses so you can request the appropriate compensation and are not left paying for things out of pocket.

Reviewing insurance policies

One critical service that car crash attorneys provide is reviewing insurance policies. Many car accident victims are unsure of what their policies cover and the process of filing a claim. Insurance companies craft these policies with jargon many people do not read or understand. Your lawyer will review your insurance policy and the at-fault drivers as well. Once they review what the policy covers, they can quell your concerns about your benefits and coverage.

An experienced lawyer will also review subrogation provisions in your auto and health insurance policies. These provisions address your insurance company’s ability to recover damages. This can happen when your claim becomes a lawsuit and is meant to protect the insurance company, not you.

Working with lien-holders in your case

Legal claims are complex, and if you have health insurance or workers’ compensation liens, you must have a lawyer who can work with these parties. A lien indicates that the lien holder will receive payment before you when you are awarded a judgment or settlement.

Experienced car crash lawyers will work with lien-holders to reduce the lien. Every dollar counts, and the less you must pay lien-holders, the more you will receive in your settlement. You also want to satisfy these debts, so they do not hinder you in the future.

Negotiating with insurance adjusters or defense attorneys to reach a fair settlement

Car accident lawyers spend a lot of their time negotiating fair settlements for their clients. It takes an often overlooked skill that comes with time. Your compensation amount can hinge upon the negotiation skills of your lawyer. The better they can negotiate with the insurance adjuster or defense attorney, the better your chances. Negotiations begin early on and will go on until the beginning of the trial. The goal is to settle for a fair amount before reaching trial while also preparing for that possibility.

Staying aware of deadlines

The legal process has many filing deadlines for personal injury claims. Time management is a significant factor that attorneys must have because there are many deadlines for filing an accident claim. When the insurance company requests a document, you will have an allotted time to send the documents. Your lawyer must also send requests for documentation and evidence from the insurance company and ensure they are done promptly.

If you miss a deadline by a day, you can mess up your claim and leave without compensation. Accident victims are keeping track of their medical appointments and staying afloat in their life. It is nearly impossible to stay on top of legal deadlines, so you must speak with a local car crash attorney. When you work with a reputable law firm, they have a team handling your case and staying aware of deadlines.

Filing your lawsuit and advocating for you at trial

Filing a lawsuit and going into litigation proceedings does not automatically set a trial date. It begins another legal process, and negotiations will continue. Most car accident claims resolve before reaching trial, but if you have a complex case and the insurance company is uncooperative, your only choice might be to go to trial.

Having a formidable accident attorney handling your claim can increase the likelihood of the insurance company’s cooperation and fair settlement. Still, your attorney should be ready to advocate for you at trial when the time comes.

If you reach trial without a resolution, you need legal representation to get through the arduous proceedings. Defense attorneys can try to pick apart every detail of your life and intimidate you in court. Your car accident lawyer will fight these actions and will not back down. You need an advocate in that courtroom, which your lawyer provides.

Disbursing your settlement appropriately

Once your lawyer has successfully negotiated a fair settlement, the insurance company will send the agreement. Your car accident lawyer will review the terms and explain their meaning before you sign them. They will then send the contract back to the insurance company, which will process it and begin issuing the settlement check. The end of your claim results in you obtaining compensation for your losses, but your lawyer’s job continues until you have the money in your hands.

Once your lawyer receives the settlement check from the insurance, they will need to disburse funds. They will take their percentage fee, pay for expert witnesses, and pay lien holders and the medical providers in your case. Once all the debtors receive payment, they will issue you a check for the remaining amount. This is a complex process of allocating funds, and your attorney should handle everything.

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You are not alone when you have a car crash lawyer on your side since they protect you during this challenging time. Lawyers have many skills and services they provide to car crash victims. Aside from their legal services, they will also be a helping hand to understand your medical condition and help you work through problems.

They can ease the stress of dealing with insurance companies and defense lawyers and work to get you fair compensation. After a collision, the best thing you can do is speak to a local car accident attorney.

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“Boohoff Law definitely stands behind integrity. Tatiana is not only a fantastic attorney in her expertise, she’s also down-to-earth – truly a people person.”
– Elissa M.
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“Really pleased with Boohoff Law! Received immediate responses when I had any questions. Treated amazingly by all staff … made this process a true breeze!”
– Caitlyn M.
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“Everyone here is so helpful. They jumped through every hoop necessary to get me the settlement I rightfully deserved. They made me feel right at home.”
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