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If you are the survivor of one of North Port’s many car accidents, this is not the time when you should spend your limited energy fighting with insurance company adjusters and lawyers. Instead, devote your time to your emotional, mental, and physical recovery.

Let the experienced and knowledgeable North Port car accident lawyers at Boohoff Law help you by standing as your champion in the insurance company battle. We can bring our skills and experience to your fight and will work to get you the compensation you need.

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Why Choose Our North Port Car Accident Lawyers?

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After a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. That’s where a North Port car accident lawyer comes in. At our law firm, we handle car accident cases, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Our team, led by Attorney Tatiana Boohoff, has years of experience representing car accident victims in North Port and surrounding areas. We understand car accident claims, from dealing with insurance companies to navigating medical bills and lost wages.

When you choose to work with a North Port car accident lawyer at our firm, they will:

  • Thoroughly investigate your car accident
  • Gather important evidence to support your claim
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Represent you in court if necessary
  • Plus more

We’ve successfully helped numerous car accident survivors secure the compensation they deserve. Our approach combines legal skills with compassionate attention, ensuring your needs are met.

So, don’t let a car accident overwhelm you. Contact Boohoff Law today to discuss your case with one of our experienced North Port car accident attorneys.

Find out what your case is worth.

Your insurance company may not be telling you everything. Know what you’re entitled to with a free consultation. Rest assured that we will never charge any fees unless we win.

Why Do So Many Car Accidents Happen in North Port?

North Port is a busy area with many tourist attractions, which can lead to many traffic accidents. In one recent year, Sarasota County experienced over 10,000 accidents, resulting in 61 deaths

Those who die in car accidents in the county are overwhelmingly males between the ages of 15 and 20. Pedestrian deaths related to tourism continue to rise, and Florida continues to experience some of the highest accident rates in the United States.

Potential Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, from minor to severe and even life-threatening. Understanding these potential injuries can help survivors recognize the importance of seeking immediate medical attention and appropriate legal representation.

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Some common injuries resulting from car accidents include:

  1. Whiplash: A soft tissue injury to the neck caused by sudden, rapid back-and-forth head movement. This is particularly common in rear-end collisions.
  2. Broken Bones: Fractures can occur in various parts of the body, including arms, legs, ribs, and facial bones, due to the impact of a collision.
  3. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, often resulting from the head striking an object or violent shaking during the crash.
  4. Spinal Cord Injuries: These can lead to partial or complete paralysis and are among the most severe outcomes of car accidents.
  5. Internal Injuries: Damage to internal organs like the liver, spleen, or kidneys can be life-threatening and may not be immediately apparent after an accident.
  6. Cuts and Lacerations: Broken glass and twisted metal can cause severe cuts, which may lead to significant blood loss or scarring.
  7. Burns: In cases where a vehicle catches fire or if skin comes into contact with hot fluids, surfaces, or chemicals, victims may suffer painful burns.
  8. Psychological Trauma: Beyond physical injuries, many accident victims experience emotional distress, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  9. Soft Tissue Injuries: Sprains, strains, and tears to muscles, tendons, and ligaments are common and can cause long-lasting pain and reduced mobility.
  10. Chest Injuries: The impact of a crash can cause chest injuries ranging from bruised ribs to more severe internal damage.

It’s important to note that some injuries may not be immediately apparent following an accident. This is why you must seek medical attention promptly, even if you feel fine initially. Proper documentation of injuries is also essential for any potential legal claims.

At Boohoff Law, we understand the full range of injuries that can result from car accidents and how they can impact your life. Our experienced team can seek compensation for all your injuries, including those with long-term or permanent effects.

Protecting Yourself After a North Port Car Accident

Physical injuries can leave you in pain and wondering about how to recover. Here’s a quick guide on what to do after a crash in North Port to protect yourself:

1. Ensure Safety and Seek Medical Attention (Top Priority):

  • Check yourself and others involved for injuries. If there are serious injuries, call 911 immediately.
  • Move vehicles out of traffic if possible to avoid further accidents. Use hazard lights and flares (if available) to warn other drivers.
  • Even if you feel okay, get checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries, like whiplash, might not show symptoms right away.

2. Gather Evidence at the Scene (if safe to do so):

  • Document Everything: Take pictures or videos of the damage to all vehicles involved, the surrounding area, and any skid marks on the road.
  • Witness Information: If there are witnesses, politely ask for their names and contact information. Their accounts can be crucial later.
  • Police Report: Once the police arrive, cooperate fully. Get a copy of the police report, which will document the accident details and officer’s observations.

3. Protect Your Legal Rights:

  • Limit Discussions: Don’t admit fault or discuss the accident beyond providing a brief statement to the police.
  • Consult a North Port Car Accident Lawyer: An experienced lawyer familiar with North Port laws can advise you on your rights and options for pursuing compensation for damages.
  • Keep Records: Maintain a file for all accident-related documents, including medical bills, receipts, repair estimates, police reports, witness statements, and photos.

4. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders:

  • Be sure to follow your doctor’s treatment plan for your recovery. Skipping appointments or treatments can negatively impact your injury claim.
  • Keep a record of all doctor visits, medications prescribed, and any limitations your doctor recommends.

5. Additional Considerations:

  • Car Insurance: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident.
  • Rental Car: If your car is damaged and needs repairs, you might be entitled to a rental car through your insurance policy.

By following these steps and prioritizing your health, you’ll better position yourself to handle the legal process and protect yourself after a car accident in New Port. 

Proving Fault After a North Port Car Accident

Boohoff Law - Seattle Car Accident LawyersLike most places, car accidents in North Port typically stem from negligence. While this negligence often originates from drivers, it can also be attributed to government entities or property owners who create hazardous road conditions.

Establishing Negligence

To prove fault in a car accident case, you must demonstrate four key elements:

1. Duty of Care

Drivers assume a duty of care to all road users when they obtain a driver’s license. This element is generally straightforward to establish.

2. Breach of Duty

A breach occurs when a driver fails to uphold their duty of care. Common breaches include:

  • Traffic Violations: Ignoring signs or signals, speeding
  • Distracted Driving: Using mobile devices, eating or drinking, grooming, adjusting vehicle controls
  • Impaired Driving: Alcohol intoxication, drug influence (legal or illegal)
  • Failure to Adjust to Conditions: Weather-related hazards, road construction

3. Causation

You must prove that the breach directly caused your injuries. This involves demonstrating:

  • The injury wouldn’t have occurred without the breach
  • The injury was a foreseeable consequence of the breach

4. Damages

You need to show that the injury resulted in recoverable damages, such as:

  • Personal injuries
  • Property damage to your vehicle and its contents

5. Special Considerations

  • Intentional vehicular assaults fall under different legal categories and require a different approach.
  • Multiple parties may share fault, including other drivers, governmental bodies, or property owners.

How Comparative Negligence Affects Your Car Accident Claim

Florida follows a comparative negligence rule, which can significantly affect your car accident claim. Anyone involved in a North Port car accident must understand:

Definition of Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence is a legal principle that allows for the allocation of fault among multiple parties involved in an accident. In Florida, this means that each party can receive a percentage of blame for the accident.

How Comparative Negligence Works in Florida

Under Florida’s pure comparative negligence system, you can recover damages even if you’re partially at fault for the accident. However, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of your fault.

For example, even if you’re found to be 90% at fault, you could still potentially recover 10% of your damages.

1. Impact on Insurance Claims

Insurance adjusters will use the comparative negligence principle when evaluating your claim. They may try to assign you a higher percentage of fault to reduce the amount they have to pay out.

2. Importance of Evidence

Strong evidence is vital in establishing fault and minimizing your percentage of negligence. This can include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Expert accident reconstruction

3. How Our North Port Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

At Boohoff Law, our experienced North Port car accident attorneys understand how to handle Florida’s comparative negligence laws. We work diligently to:

  • Gather and present evidence that minimizes your fault
  • Counter-arguments from insurance companies trying to increase your percentage of blame
  • Negotiate for fair settlements that accurately reflect the true distribution of fault

Given the complexity of comparative negligence laws and their significant impact on your potential compensation, having skilled legal representation is essential. Our team at Boohoff Law can help ensure that you’re not unfairly assigned a higher percentage of fault, maximizing your potential recovery.

Remember, even if you think you might be partially at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to significant compensation. Don’t let concerns about comparative negligence deter you from seeking the compensation you deserve.

North Port Car Accident Compensation

The damages you suffer in an accident, whether economic or non-economic, hit you directly in the pocket. These out-of-pocket or no longer coming in damages are what you are seeking compensation for from the insurance company and the defendant.

  • Medical and Hospital Expenses: The more severe your injury, the greater this number will be. It includes doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, hospital and surgical costs, drug costs, assistive equipment costs, rentals, and any medical expenses arising out of your injuries.
  • Rehabilitation Services and Equipment: If your injury requires rehabilitation (and many do), you will have to pay for the rehab sessions and any equipment you rent or purchase. Rehab sessions can easily exceed $200 an hour.
  • Lost Wages: Lost wages refer to the actual money you lost for time off from your job due to the accident. You can prove this with pay stubs showing your ordinary income.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity: If the accident incapacitated you in some way that makes your former occupation impossible, you can demonstrate the loss of future earning capacity.
  • Loss of Cognitive Function: Loss of cognitive function can be minor in that you’ve just lost a little of your mental edge or have profound brain damage. Either loss can diminish the joy and the business of your life. Anywhere in the range of losses can affect your future earning capacity.
  • Loss of Motor Function: As with cognitive function, loss of motor function can be minor or major. But if you were a golfer, even a small mobility loss can profoundly reduce your enjoyment of life. A significant loss of motor function can leave people devastated.
  • Property Losses: Don’t overlook property losses in the morass of personal injuries, but you may recover the damages to your vehicle and, if appropriate, its contents.

How Soon Do I Have to File Suit?

2024 PIA BadgeFlorida has a four-year statute of limitations for car accident cases. While four years may seem like a long time, it can go by very fast when you are distracted by your physical, emotional, and mental recovery from an accident.

An experienced North Port car accident attorney will be intimately familiar with the potential damages you may have suffered in a car accident. Recovery will be more efficient with a skilled attorney handling the negotiations.

Speak to a North Port Car Accident Lawyer Today

A North Port car wreck can change your life forever. If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, you deserve compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Contact us at Boohoff Law, P.A. today. You’ll receive a free consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney, and we’ll start building your case immediately.

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