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Pedestrian accidents are different from ordinary auto accidents because of the extreme vulnerability of a pedestrian. Unlike the steel bars and airbags of the automobile or truck, the pedestrian is completely exposed to the potential injuries that they can suffer from being hit by a car.

If you or a loved one has been a pedestrian struck by a car or truck in Southwest Florida, let Boohoff Law’s pedestrian accident attorneys help you attain the recovery appropriate to your injuries.

With many years of experience in pedestrian accident cases like yours, our North Port personal injury lawyers will evaluate your case and lead the fight for your compensation with negotiation or litigation, whichever is necessary, while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

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Learn About Your Rights as an Injured Pedestrian

The insurance companies may not tell you the actual worth of your case. Know what you’re entitled to with a free consultation. Rest assured that we will never charge any fees unless we win.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 5,977 pedestrian accident fatalities in a recent year in the United States. A pedestrian’s worst nightmare is getting hit by a motor vehicle while attempting to cross the intersection or street. Pedestrians can suffer from severe injuries after being struck by a motor vehicle, truck, or motorcycle. Unfortunately, the number of pedestrian accidents has remained at an all-time high for the last two years.

Just like many residents, pedestrians want to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Unfortunately, areas in North Port are dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel around for fear of being in a pedestrian accident. North Port is one of the most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians to walk through – not only in Florida but in the entire U.S.

If you or a loved one are the victim of a pedestrian accident, you have the right under Florida law to pursue legal action against the negligent driver who caused your accident. To learn more, contact the experienced North Port pedestrian accident lawyers at Boohoff Law today. We get results for injured pedestrians, and we can help you.

Why Boohoff Law Can Make a Difference in Your North Port Pedestrian Accident Case

Our founding attorney, Tatiana Boohoff, has worked for more than ten years fighting for the rights of clients injured as pedestrians throughout North Port and the rest of Florida. Whether the victim of a van, car, truck, or motorcycle, Attorney Boohoff will hold the driver accountable for your injuries. Ms. Boohoff is a graduate of Boston University School of Law, one of the nation’s highest-ranked law programs.

With Ms. Boohoff’s leadership, the firm fights vehemently for our clients injured in pedestrian accidents. We take your injuries seriously and hold the responsible parties accountable. If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, let the North Port pedestrian accident lawyer at Boohoff Law represent you in court.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Like many North Port traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents happen due to driver error. Many of the causes of pedestrian accidents happen because the driver was negligent in their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Distracted driving. Drivers do not always notice every pedestrian attempting to cross the intersection. When drivers are distracted from checking their cell phones, they divide their attention at the wrong time. That second that they decide to check their phone can also be the exact second that a pedestrian chooses to cross the street.
  • Aggressive driving. Pedestrians have the right of way. However, around particular intersections, aggressive drivers may intentionally ignore the traffic laws and proceed to drive instead of yielding the right of way to pedestrians. Motorists can seriously injure pedestrians by assuming that the people on foot will yield to them when they don’t need to.
  • Vehicles making left turns. Pedestrians cannot rely on crosswalk signals to protect them from drivers who attempt to make left turns. Drivers may be so focused on executing their left turns that they avoid yielding the right of way to pedestrians. Drivers may also fail to notice pedestrians crossing the street from the left side of the intersection.
  • Road construction. Road construction on certain roadways forces pedestrians to travel on dangerous road areas to cross intersections. Unfortunately, the traffic congestion that can gather from the inconveniences associated with road construction can lead to drivers focusing on navigating through traffic and not paying attention to pedestrians.
  • Multi-lane roads. There are specific road designs constructed without the thought of the pedestrian in mind. Multi-lane roads are one of those road designs. Because drivers are more concerned with navigating safely through multi-lanes, they may be paying more attention to the movement of other drivers and not pedestrians.

Dangerous Areas for Pedestrians in North Port

According to a Dangerous by Design Report, the area around North Port, Sarasota, and Bradenton was the sixth-most dangerous metro area for pedestrians. The area contains several 199 pedestrian fatalities that happened over a decade. That is a ratio of 2.5 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents.

What is Pedestrian Vulnerability?

In metro areas, the safety of pedestrians is usually considered an afterthought during the design process. Designers don’t make Roadways with additional lighting in mind, and some roadways may not even have the correct crosswalk signals to help pedestrians safely cross intersections.

In addition to unsafe roadway designs, pedestrians are not always visible to other drivers. Pedestrians may be dressed in dark clothing, making it even more challenging to remain visible around drivers. Because of this, pedestrians must be cautious when traveling through specific intersections and crosswalks.

Walking Around The Beach in North Port

Pedestrian AccidentAnother dangerous area where pedestrians are at risk of being struck by vehicles is the beaches. North Port beaches have various shops, restaurants, and other storefronts lined up, making the boardwalk busy during daytime and nighttime.

To make matters worse, drivers attempting to drive through beach crosswalks are not always expecting a pedestrian to cross. Beach crosswalks are more dangerous to navigate because pedestrians do not have crosswalk signals to use; they cross the street whenever is convenient, putting themselves at a greater risk.

Liability For Drivers in Pedestrian Accidents

In pedestrian accidents, drivers usually are at-fault parties. For liability to be determined, the plaintiff must prove the legal theory of negligence through the party’s actions. Because pedestrians have the right of way, drivers must always yield to pedestrians.

The negligent actions of drivers also contribute to pedestrian accidents, like failing to yield or failing to obey traffic signals. However, it is not always easy to determine liability in a pedestrian accident.

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Pedestrian Liability in North Port

The driver’s legal counsel may argue that the pedestrian’s actions contributed to the accident in some pedestrian accidents. The driver’s counsel may prove that the pedestrian was negligent by specific actions like crossing a street in a section other than a crosswalk or failing to obey a crosswalk signal. Pedestrians can share liability for their accidents with drivers.

Other Parties Who Can Be Liable

Even though the driver is the primary party you may hold liable in a pedestrian accident, other parties can contribute to your injuries. Another party you may hold liable for pedestrian accidents is a government agency. Government agencies have a legal responsibility to maintain the safety of roads. When intersections are unsafe or do not contain safety features for pedestrians, pedestrians may file a claim against government agencies for failing to remove hazards from the roadways.

Start Working With Our North Port Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Today

Pedestrian accidents can cause pedestrians to experience severe physical and mental anguish. Recovering from a pedestrian accident may require different medical treatments like surgeries and physical therapy. Even after a pedestrian accident victim recovers, they can experience mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

At Boohoff Law, we understand how terrifying it is when you suffer injuries at the hand of another person’s negligence. We also know how you and your family may want to focus on healing from the accident. Pedestrian accident victims rarely think about seeking the legal help of a lawyer. While we understand how important it is to focus on healing, seeking the help of an experienced North Port pedestrian accident lawyer can take a lot of stress away from you and your family.

The faster a North Port pedestrian accident lawyer becomes involved with your claim, the better. A North Port pedestrian accident lawyer knows the best way to formulate a plan to help you receive the proper amount of compensation you deserve. A North Port pedestrian accident lawyer can also take the lead on the legal process and help relieve you of additional stress.

You have four years to file a pedestrian accident claim against the negligent parties in Florida. However, you do not want to wait until the statute of limitations to file a claim until the end. Filing a claim as soon as possible increases your chances of receiving the appropriate compensation that you deserve. It will also improve your chances when battling against insurance companies searching for any reason to deny your claim.

Call Boohoff Law North Port Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Now

Pedestrian accidents can cause victims to experience serious injuries. The team at Boohoff Law understands how scary it is to be injured by a negligent driver. We’re here to help you fight for your rights to compensation under Florida law.

Were you or a loved one injured in a North Port pedestrian accident? If so, it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case. Call our office at (941) 888-0848, or complete our contact form for your free consultation today.

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North Port Pedestrian Accident FAQs

What is the First Thing I Do After Being in a North Port Pedestrian Accident?

The first action you want to take is seeking immediate medical attention. This step will help provide documentation for your injuries if you decide to pursue compensation. You want to take note of as many descriptions of the accident as possible, from witnesses’ names and contact information to photos of the accident. After seeking medical attention, seek the help of a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer who can help evaluate your claim.

What if the Insurance Company Tries to Blame Me?

One tactic that insurance companies use to limit the compensation for injured pedestrians is to blame the pedestrian for their accident. An insurer might claim that you walked while distracted, did not look before you crossed the street, or made other mistakes. Your pedestrian accident attorney knows how to fight back against such allegations that you were to blame and provide evidence of the policyholder’s liability for your injuries.

What Damages Can I Pursue Through My Pedestrian Accident Claim?

Some of the damages that you can pursue through your pedestrian accident claim include:

  • Medical expenses. Depending on your injuries, you may need compensation for the various medical services you need to recover from your accident. These services can include surgeries, medical devices, physical therapy, and prescription medications.
  • Lost income. Recovering from your pedestrian accident may require you to take time off from your place of employment. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you are entitled to pursue compensation for past and future lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering. The nature of your accident can cause you to experience severe mental and physical pain. You may also suffer stress about how to support yourself financially.
  • Funeral expenses. If your loved one died in a pedestrian accident, you can pursue compensation for the funeral and burial arrangements.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. You can pursue compensation if your pedestrian accident caused a catastrophic injury that you will never recover from. Your permanent injury will affect how you live your life moving forward, from losing your favorite activities to not interacting with your family members the way you once did.
Are Bicyclists Pedestrians?

Sometimes. The law classifies bicyclists as either pedestrians or drivers of motor vehicle drivers. Bicyclists sharing the road with other drivers become motor vehicle drivers. Once bicyclists travel on sidewalks, they become pedestrians.​

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