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The legal team at Boohoff Law knows how alarming it can be for you or a loved one to experience a dog bite or attack. If you or a loved one suffered an injury from someone else’s dog, you have the right to seek representation from a champion who will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Our team of accessible attorneys will work with you so you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

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During the early months of the pandemic, many people became pet owners while being quarantined. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) conducted a National Pet Owners Survey to measure the percentage of households that own a pet. The results revealed that about 90.5 million families owned a pet in their household, with 69.0 million homes owning a dog. It is no secret that dog lovers adore the four-legged members of their families. However, dog owners are responsible for managing their dogs and preventing them from attacking other people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that more than 4.5 million people report dog bites each year in the United States. From that 4.5 million, more than 800,000 people require medical treatment for their dog bites. Tragically, about 30 to 50 people are killed by dogs annually.

If you or a loved one suffered a severe injury from a dog bite, you have the right to pursue legal action for damages through Florida law. To learn more, contact the experienced Brandon personal injury lawyers at Boohoff Law today.

Why Boohoff Law Can Make a Difference in Your Brandon Dog Bite Case

Founding attorney Tatiana Boohoff is a graduate of the Boston University School of Law, one of the leading law programs in the country. Her law practice spans more than a decade in Washington and now Florida.

Ms. Boohoff is an advocate for victims of dog bite attacks. Whether the dog attacked you, or your child or spouse, Attorney Boohoff has the experience and understanding of the law to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Call our Brandon, Florida, office if you or a loved one has been attacked and bitten by a dog. Boohoff Law will fight for your right to compensation, so you do not have to be on the hook for the medical bills associated with your injuries.

What Is Dog Owner Liability?

In Florida, a dog owner can be liable if their dog bites another person. Florida is a strict liability state, meaning dog bite victims do not have to prove negligence in a dog bite accident. Dog owners are still responsible for the victim’s injuries, regardless of whether the owner was aware of the dog’s aggressive nature or not.

You can hold dog owners liable in civil court and criminal court for the injuries that their dog has caused. For dog owners to be proven liable for dog bite attacks, you must prove two elements: the victim was bitten or attacked on public or private property, and the dog bit the victim.

What Is the Dangerous Dog Statute?

Another statute within Florida’s dog bite laws is the dangerous dog statute. This state passed this statute to protect the general public from dangerous dogs. Under this statute, dog owners with aggressive dogs must take stricter precautions when their dogs are around the general public.

Some of those precautions include:

  • Registering their dog with local authorities
  • Keeping their dog placed in a designated area marked with dangerous dog signs
  • Restraining the dog with a harness and muzzle when the owner takes the dog off of the premises

Characteristics of a Dangerous Dog

The dangerous dog statute defines a dangerous dog as:

  • A dog that has aggressively bitten, attacked, or severely injured an individual
  • A dog that has seriously injured or killed another dog more than once
  • A dog that has aggressively approached or chased another individual without being provoked

Exceptions to Dog Owner Liability

The Florida dog laws almost guarantee that a dog owner is liable for any injuries that their dog has caused. However, there are certain exceptions where the dog owner’s liability can dwindle or disappear.

These exceptions include:

  • If the victim trespassed on-premises or entered unlawfully
  • If the victim provoked the dog in any manner
  • If the dog defended its owner from what it perceived as an attack

Dog owners who also post noticeable warning signs around their property can also avoid being held liable for the injuries caused by their dog’s attacks. If the victim shares fault for their injuries, the court will reduce the percentage of liability by the portion of the victim’s responsibility for the accident.

Dog Parks That Prohibit Dangerous Dogs

Some of the local dog parks where dog owners do not have to worry about coming into contact with dangerous dogs include:

  • Saladino Dog Park
  • Mango Dog Park
  • Paul Sanders Park
  • Limona Park
  • Temple Terrace Hilltop Dog Park
  • Deputy Kotfila Memorial Dog Park
  • Apollo Beach Dog Park
  • Carrollwood Village Park Dog Park

These dog parks prohibit dangerous dogs from even entering the park and remove any dogs that show aggression toward other dogs or people.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Victims of dog bites endure more pain than people will assume.

Some of the common injuries caused by dog bites are:

  • Lacerations. Lacerations are deep tears into the skin deep within the epidermis and the muscles and nerves. Crossed patterns and excessive bleeding characterize these wounds.
  • Punctures. These wounds occur when the dog’s teeth puncture through the skin. Even though these wounds are smaller, the damage can remain deep within the specific body part.
  • Infections. The number of bacteria found in a dog’s mouth can lead to the victim suffering from infections. Victims can reduce the chances of suffering from infections by cleaning their wounds immediately. Victims should also remain on the lookout for indications of infection, like redness, swelling, and pain around the infected area.
  • Crushed body parts. Large dogs, in particular, can use their jaws to break, crush, and fracture various body parts. Depending on the amount of force the dog uses with its mouth, a victim’s muscles and soft tissues can also become damaged.
  • Scarring. Scarring will happen regardless of whether a victim suffers from abrasion or laceration. The dog bite may be so severe that healthcare providers suggest a skin graft.
  • Avulsion. This type of wound occurs when a body part, such as skin or tissue, is ripped or torn away. It also applies to other parts of the body. For example, if a dog tears off a person’s ear, that injury will be classified as an avulsion injury.

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Dog bites are more traumatizing than many people believe. The physical damages alone can be more severe and require different forms of medical treatment. The emotional trauma from being attacked by a dog can last longer than the physical damage.

At Boohoff Law, we understand how alarming it can be for victims to be attacked by dogs, regardless of whether the dog was familiar with the victim or not. Victims may experience several emotions while attempting to move forward from the dog attack.

Whether dog bites are considered severe personal injuries in other people’s eyes or not, victims have the right to pursue compensation against a negligent dog owner. The best action for dog bite victims to take is to seek the assistance of a Brandon dog bite lawyer. Seeking legal assistance as soon as possible helps increase the chances of receiving the appropriate compensation.

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including dog bite accidents, is two years in Florida. However, it is in your best interest to seek legal assistance and file your claim as soon as possible. Pursuing legal action promptly will strengthen your chances with other parties, such as the insurance companies.

No matter how sympathetic insurance companies may act and sound, insurance companies do not care about your injuries. Their only concern is denying your claim or attempting to save as much of their finances as possible. Insurance companies will try to deny your claim by insinuating that you provoked the dog or trespassed onto the property.

If insurance companies decide to offer you a settlement, the settlement will be lower than you expect—another method to attempt to lowball you. An experienced Brandon dog bite lawyer can help protect you against these tactics.

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Dog bites can cause severe injuries to adults and children. The team at Boohoff Law knows how alarming a dog bite can be for you and your family. We’re here to help you fight for your deserved compensation under Florida law.

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Brandon Dog Bite FAQs

What if a dog bit me while I was working at another person’s home?

If a dog bit you while performing work on the owner’s property, you can hold the property owner liable for your injuries. The property owner has a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all visitors on their property. Maintaining a safe environment includes keeping a dog confined on a property while visitors are present. You can also reach out to an experienced dog bite lawyer to discuss your accident, as you can potentially file a workers’ compensation claim.

What if it is not sure who owns the dog that attacked me?

If a dog attacked you and you are not sure who owns the dog, you should report your dog bite accident to animal control as soon as possible. While issuing your report, give an accurate description of the dog so that Animal Control can locate the dog and its owner. If they cannot find the dog, you should schedule an appointment for rabies shots.

What should I do if a dog bit my child?

The first action you should take when a dog bites your child is to seek medical attention for your child. Seeking immediate medical attention for your child will ensure that your child is tended to and will provide documentation for your child’s injuries. After your child has been taken care of, you want to identify the dog and the dog’s owner. This step is often easy to do, as most dog bite accidents involve a dog who belongs to a dog owner that you are familiar with. The following action you want to take is filing a report to animal control and then contacting an experienced dog bite lawyer.

What if the dog’s owner wants to talk with me about my injuries?

You should only discuss the nature of your injuries with your dog bite lawyer. The only information you should share with the dog owner is contact information and the dog’s license number. If the dog owner wants you to sign a document, do not sign anything without notifying your lawyer.

Will Animal Control euthanize the dog who attacked me if I pursue my dog bite claim?

Probably not. The dog owner will have to report the attack to the proper authorities, and the state will most likely categorize the animal as a dangerous dog. If the dog remains a threat to the general public, the authorities may have to contemplate impounding the dog or putting it down.

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