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Slip and Fall Accidents

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Victims of slip and fall accidents in Brandon may have a right to compensation. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries after a fall, the Brandon slip and fall attorneys at Boohoff Law, P.A. can pursue financial recovery.

We know that slips and falls are more common than most people think. About one million people need medical treatment for injuries from such accidents each year, and when that happens, you can rely on Boohoff Law for the help you need to recover compensation.

Why Our Clients Choose Boohoff Law and Why You Should, Toobadge-best

Boohoff Law is far from your run-of-the-mill personal injury firm. We take pride in every case that we handle, and we will take your slip and fall accident personally.

We define our brand of legal representation by:

  • Empathy for you, the client
  • Active communication
  • Tireless pursuit of a fair recovery
  • Compassionate, accessible legal care

You’re not simply a client in our eyes. We treat each slip and fall accident victim like family, working on their behalf to get their life back on track. You can expect this standard of legal care from us.

We’ve helped many victims of negligence, including those who’ve suffered fall-related injuries in Brandon. Several clients showed their gratitude through testimonials, which we can provide or you can browse on our website. Every client we serve deserves such a satisfactory experience, and we’ll work diligently to provide you with a gold standard of legal representation.

What We Do for Fall Victims

The Brandon slip and fall lawyers at our firm provide clients with the level of service they expect.

This generally means handling your case from start to finish, which will typically include:

  • Determining liability for your fall: We’ll identify all parties with liability for your slip and fall. These are the parties that we will seek compensation from.
  • Gathering evidence: We’ll gather and preserve any fall-related evidence that can help your case.
  • Securing documentation: Documenting your damages is one of our most important roles. We’ll seek out medical records, proof of lost income, and other documents that show how your fall has harmed you, economically and otherwise.
  • Engaging with insurance companies and attorneys: We’ll handle all necessary communications with insurance companies and attorneys for defendants.
  • Negotiating a settlement: We’ll determine whether liable parties will agree to settle your case fairly. Our team never backs down during settlement talks, standing firm as we seek a fair financial recovery.
  • Handling a trial if your case requires one: Civil cases do not generally require trials as settlements are far more common. However, Boohoff Law is always ready for trial, and we’ll make sure that defendants’ attorneys understand this.

In the simplest terms, we do everything that your case requires of us. We’ll also respond quickly to your calls and emails, also accommodating any requests that you have of us.​

Causes of Fall-Related Accidents

Slips and falls can happen anywhere in the Brandon area.

Some common locations include:

  • Publix Super Markets
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • Town Center Mall
  • Westfield Brandon
  • Hilton Garden Inn Tampa East/Brandon
  • USF Yuengling Center
  • Amalie Arena

Wherever your accident happens, always get a legal evaluation of your rights from Boohoff Law.

Environmental factors play a key role in many falls, and uneven surfaces and poor lighting are two common hazards that contribute to falls.

Other circumstances that pose a high risk of slip and fall accidents involve:

  • Inadequate or excessive lighting, both of which may negatively affect your vision
  • Cracked, uneven, or loose flooring
  • Loose or bunched-up carpeted flooring
  • Slippery floors, which may result from rain, spilled liquids, leaks, or other sources of moisture
  • Excessively steep ramps
  • Lack of handrails or anti-slip strips on stairways and ramps

Slip and falls can happen in virtually any environment. All property owners and managers in Brandon must identify and respond appropriately to slipping hazards. If they fail to do so, then parties may be liable for a fall victim’s damages, and victims can seek compensation by filing the right insurance claims. We help with every step of the process.

Help for Victims

23,433 fatalities resulted from slip and fall accidents in one year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They also report that of the 2.1 million nonfatal slip and fall accidents, 559,000 required hospitalizations. Many of these accidents were caused by careless property owners or negligence at the work place. It is commonly held that slip and fall accidents are the fault of the victims and that compensation cannot, therefore, be obtained. This is not necessarily the case at all and at Boohoff Law, P.A., we want you to know that with the help of a caring and skilled Brandon personal injury attorney, just compensation can be sought for the victims of slip and fall accidents.

Many types of injuries can occur due to property owners being negligent in their care and maintenance of their properties. Poor lighting, stair treads that are worn or uneven, deliveries left in walkways, cracks in flooring and frayed carpets can all fall under the umbrella of premises liability in which the property owner is held accountable for their carelessness. Hazardous conditions of many sorts within the workplace can likewise cause a slip and fall accident. The results of a slip and fall can be severe and you shouldn’t have to battle insurance companies and others alone in order to receive the compensation you may vitally need. Team up with the top slip and fall lawyer in Brandon for the help that you need!

Results of a Slip & Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents most frequently result in fractures or broken bones. They can, however, bring about spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, damage to internal organs and in the worst case wrongful death. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to contact a lawyer without delay. Evidence will need to be gathered and statements from witnesses will have to be taken. Looking for a lawyer for a slip and fall in Brandon? We will need to act quickly in order to develop an effective strategy to obtain the best result possible for you.

Contact a Brandon slip and fall lawyer if you have been injured due to the negligence on the part of a property owner.

Our process.

A personal touch backed by big results.
  • 1. Understanding your options
    From your first call, our team takes the time to listen and learn your unique situation. We’ll walk you through the factors that will increase the value of your claim and help you mitigate risks. Above all, we help you envision a personalized path forward.
  • 2. Connecting with your attorney
    You will know within 1-2 days if our team can help. Your personal attorney and legal team will guide you through what to expect, ensuring you’re always informed about what’s going on. You will stay in control as an included member of the team working on your case.
  • 3. Supporting documentation
    Our diligent legal team will work with you to make sure all the necessary documentation is complete. This includes insurance policy details, medical records, medical and repair bills, and lost wages.
  • 4. Formulating a winning plan
    We’ll assess your case — every detail, every angle — as we fight for the outcome you deserve. We roll up our sleeves and bring an unrelenting commitment and proven track record to formulate a winning game plan, keeping you clearly informed along the way.
  • 5. Negotiation and litigation
    We are relentless in pursuing what’s right. We work with toughness and resilience as we negotiate directly with the defense to obtain the compensation you deserve. In cases that demand a court trial, our attorneys are expert personal injury litigators with the talent to maximize policy volumes and outcomes.

Brandon Slip and Fall FAQs

We hear some common questions from slip and fall victims, including:

What Damages Can I Recover Compensation For?

You may generally recover compensation for fall-related:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power, bonuses, and retirement benefits

Other damages may also be recoverable. Our team will evaluate your case and identify all of your damages.

Can I Afford an Attorney?

You can afford our slip and fall lawyers. Because our firm offers a contingency fee arrangement, our clients face no financial pressures when they hire us. Our attorneys begin your case with no upfront compensation. Our firm will pay all case-related costs.

If we win your case, we will receive a portion of your recovery. If we don’t recover a settlement or judgment for you, we don’t receive a fee at all. In either case, you pay nothing upfront or out of your own pocket.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

You should hire a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Deadlines for slip and fall cases can progress more quickly than you realize. Your rights may also be at-risk without a lawyer’s protection. The sooner you hire our firm, the sooner we can begin working on your slip and fall case.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

We cannot determine the value of your case without first evaluating your circumstances. Our team will create a detailed record of your damages. Only then may we determine how much compensation you deserve. Rest assured that we will fight for every cent you deserve.

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