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The area around Brandon is a popular boating destination, with residents and tourists using watercraft in inland waterways or along Tampa Bay. You can rent a motor boat, pontoon boat, or yacht as well as jet skis, rafts, kayaks, canoes, and fishing boats. The Brandon area has registered over 40,000 vessels.

The large number of boats in the area contributes to our many Brandon boating accidents. Boating accidents can cause broken bones, fractured skulls, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and pulmonary injuries.

Some boating accidents result in death or severe injuries. You know how seriously these serious injuries affect every aspect of your life if you or a loved one suffered an injury in a Brandon boating accident. The physical pain, the time spent on medical treatments, the medical bills, the lost income, and the loss of companionship, assistance, and guidance for your family are just some of the problems you face.

The Brandon boating accident lawyers at Boohoff Law understand your situation and want to help. Our firm has been helping injured boat and personal watercraft accident victims get all the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries and suffering for many years in Brandon and throughout Florida.

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Brandon Boat Accidents: Our Team Is Ready to Help

Brandon’s access to waterways makes it a great place to visit or live. Whether they own a boat or rent one, getting out on the water is a priority for many people. You can always see several types of boats on the water. Many people use boats for fishing or other jobs. Boat accidents are a serious issue, and many victims suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries.

Protecting the rights of boat and watercraft accident victims is one of our areas of focus at Boohoff Law. The Brandon team at Boohoff Law is ready to discuss your case after an accident. Find out more about Brandon’s boat accidents by contacting our attorneys today.

Why Hire Us?

Injury victims in Brandon have trusted us for years. Our efforts have resulted in thousands of satisfied clients. In terms of client satisfaction, we are ranked among the top 10 by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. You can trust our experience and resources. As one of Brandon’s top-rated law firms, we aim to deliver results to every client. If you’ve suffered an injury in a boating accident in Brandon, you deserve to be represented by a skilled team. Our firm’s attorneys and legal experts are at your service if you need assistance in the courtroom.

Rules and Regulations for Boating

Due to Florida’s popularity as a boating destination, the state has enacted relatively lenient due laws on operating watercraft. No formal minimum age for boating exists in Florida. In Florida, boating licenses are unnecessary, and training or courses on water safety are generally not required.

Federal law governs many Florida waterways. Therefore, in many instances, boating accident lawsuits are filed in federal court. A boating accident injury case must adhere to federal law. The rules and procedures used in federal court are different from those in state court. So, if you wish to pursue a legal claim, you may have to hire a boat accident lawyer qualified to practice in federal court.

What Are the Most Common Types of Boating Accidents in Brandon?

Collisions with other vessels and fixed objects account for most boating accidents in Brandon. Those on personal watercraft are more at risk of collisions than those inside a boat, as they are more exposed. Additionally, boats can be dangerous if they explode, catch fire, or get flooded or capsized.

Boating accidents are defined broadly in Florida law, including collisions, sinkings, capsizings, injuries, deaths, disappearances, and property damage. Safe boating is a choice that each boater should make, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Division of Law Enforcement.

A Look at How Boats and Watercraft Accidents Happen

boating accident lawyersThe water can be a dangerous place in a variety of ways.

Various types of watercraft can endanger users, including:

  • Speed boats
  • Ships
  • Canoes
  • Angling boats
  • Yachts
  • Jet skis

Predicting the outcome of every boating accident is impossible, and the severity of injuries often depends on what happened before and during the accident.

Boat accidents happen, for example, when:

  • A boat collides with another
  • A boat capsizes
  • During a storm, a boat runs aground
  • A watercraft hits an obstacle and sinks
  • A vessel strikes a swimmer

Many visitors rent boats in Brandon with little boating experience. In an emergency, they may not know what to do because they are not familiar with all of the rules of the water. The inexperience of boat operators contributes to many boat crashes.

However, many other factors can contribute, such as:

  • Incompetent boaters
  • Those operating boats while distracted
  • Equipment misuse
  • Poorly maintained or defective vessels
  • Barriers in the water
  • Coastal signage is inadequate
  • Overspeeding
  • Ignoring other watercraft

Boat and watercraft accidents usually result from negligence. Finding the cause of your accident is critical to recovering from your injuries and losses.

Watercraft and Boat Accident Claims

A boat operator, boat owner, or boat rental company may be liable for the crash, among others, depending on the circumstances. To ensure you file the right insurance claims and have sufficient evidence to establish your liability and damages, you should engage the services of a lawyer.

Accidents on Jet Skis in Brandon

Jet skis are frequently involved in boating accidents in Brandon, even though most people think of recreational boats when discussing watercraft accidents. Brandon’s waterways are home to many types of jet skis. Anyone with a driver’s license can rent jet skis in many places. Although jet skis are relatively easy to operate and maintain, they can still be quite dangerous if they strike another vessel due to negligent operation or maintenance.

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Boating Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

In the event of a boating accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the party who caused the accident. Owners, operators, and manufacturers of boats may be at fault. Damages for your injuries may be recoverable if you prove the defendant is liable.

Boat operators are often at fault for accidents on boats. Taking precautions to prevent injuries is the operator’s responsibility. Generally, if an operator breaches this duty of care by failing to act prudently under similar circumstances, for example, by speeding or failing to maintain a proper lookout, the operator is at fault. The operator is liable for injuries and damages you suffered due to their failure to exercise adequate care.

Your claim might be based on negligence per se if the boat operator was violating the law. Defendants who violate laws that impose duties of care on certain groups of individuals face charges of this crime. For example, it is illegal in Florida to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol.

When an accident occurs, you may hold a drunk or drugged operator liable for negligence. However, you must still prove that the operator’s negligence resulted in your injuries to receive compensation.

You can hold the boat owner accountable for negligent entrustment if the boat operator isn’t the owner. A boat owner may have known or had reason to suspect that an individual posed an unreasonable risk of danger to others by operating the boat but still allowed the person to do so.

There are times when a boating accident happens due to a mechanical or machinery malfunction.

A product manufacturer is strictly liable if the product was unreasonably dangerous to the end-user because of a manufacturing or design defect that existed when the product went on sale.

Contact our Brandon lawyers today if you have suffered an injury in a boating accident.

You Can Consult a Brandon Boat Accident Attorney for Free

If you have suffered an injury in a boat or watercraft accident in the Brandon area, talk to an experienced lawyer at Boohoff Law as soon as possible. Contact us to set up your free case evaluation and learn more about your legal rights.

A Boating Accident Lawyer From Boohoff Law Can Help

You may sue an operator of a boat or vessel for negligence and recover substantial financial compensation. An experienced boating accident lawyer can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation that Florida law allows.

Florida law requires a boater or personal watercraft operator to operate their vessel responsibly. They may be legally liable if they cause an accident due to negligence.

There are many types of negligence. Nearly one-fourth of all Florida vessel accidents involved an under-the-influence vessel operator. The operators of vessels may also fail to pay attention, not watch where they are going, ignore standard safety procedures, or be distracted by electronic devices or other passengers. Inadequate vessel maintenance is another negligence factor.

An experienced attorney from Boohoff Law will thoroughly investigate your boating accident to gather evidence that proves the at-fault operator or owner’s negligence and hold them responsible for your injuries.

Brandon Boating Accident FAQs

In What Ways Can Boat Accidents Cause Injuries?

It is possible to die in a boat accident. While drowning is a common boating injury, collisions and other boating accidents can also cause serious injuries and even multiple injuries at once.

The most common injuries sustained in boating accidents include:

Are Brandon Boating Accident Victims Eligible for Financial Compensation?

Many factors determine the amount of compensation you can receive. Boohoff Law will fight for maximum compensation for your injuries. Our Brandon boating accident lawyers have experience negotiating and litigating on your behalf. Our firm commitment to fairness and justice means we will never back down.

Insurers often limit accident victims’ compensation payments, so you need a lawyer who is a strong negotiator and litigator to get the compensation you deserve from the negligent party’s insurance company.

What are Recoverable Damages from a Boat Accident?

Injuries caused by a boat accident that was not your fault are compensable. Loss of wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering can all be compensable damages. You must file a lawsuit within four years of the accident if you need to seek damages in court.

You might file a wrongful death action if a loved one died in a fatal boating accident. Depending on the circumstances, you can get compensation for your relative’s medical bills, funeral costs, and other losses, such as loss of companionship. You have two years to file a wrongful death claim.

Put Your Boating Accident Claim in the Hands of Boohoff Law

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  • Have the time and resources to take on even the most complicated boating accident cases.
  • Have earned a reputation for excellence in representing our clients and obtaining maximum compensation for them throughout the state and nation.
  • Can efficiently secure financial recovery through a negotiated settlement but have the skill and capability to protect your rights and interests at trial.

Get assistance from the skilled boating accident attorneys at Boohoff Law if you have suffered an injury in a boating accident in Brandon. Our firm has a proven track record of success both in and out of court, having obtained millions in financial recovery for our clients. We can help you understand your legal rights and options by conducting a free case evaluation.

What to Do if You Have a Boating Accident in Brandon and Need Legal Help

A Brandon personal injury lawyer can protect your rights. Our team will guide you through the entire legal process, and we work hard to get you a fair and substantial settlement.

We gather all the evidence necessary to prove fault, demonstrate the extent of your injuries, and seek maximum compensation. During negotiations, we don’t back down or settle early, and we work aggressively for you. If necessary, we’re ready to fight for justice for you in court.

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