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If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a pedestrian traffic accident, you deserve a champion who will fight by your side with compassion and skill. Our team of accessible attorneys and legal experts will take on the insurance companies and legal system to get you the outcome you deserve.

Pedestrian accidents can leave victims with severe injuries, mental anguish, and other losses. Our personal injury attorney may recover compensation for all of your accident-related damages

Boohoff Law, P.A. is a personal injury firm with a presence in the Brandon area and greater Hillsborough County. We offer empathetic, tireless representation for pedestrian accident victims like you.

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Pedestrian Accident

Boohoff Law, P.A.: The Right Firm for Your Pedestrian Accident Case

When you’re fighting for justice in Brandon, you want to choose the right firm to represent you.

As a pedestrian accident victim, you may seek a lawyer who:

  • Has extensive experience with pedestrian accident cases
  • Makes you feel at ease and confident in their services—you may form an impression during your free consultation
  • Has a clear plan for your case
  • Responds promptly to your calls, emails, and other communications
  • Gives you straight, honest answers
  • Can pursue a case in the Hillsborough County court system, if necessary, and not push you to accept a settlement that won’t cover your costs.

The attorneys at Boohoff Law, P.A. meet the demands that pedestrian accidents may have for their lawyer. While the results of a case are never guaranteed, our effort will be a certainty.

You will also want a lawyer with endorsements from their clients. When clients review their former law firm, they give others a clear view of the firm’s operations.

Our former clients share their appreciation for our hardworking attorneys, paralegals, and staff on our website, and we can provide additional testimonials if you wish. They speak to our team’s dedication to client satisfaction, and you can expect the same standard of representation for your pedestrian accident case.

Find out what your case is worth.

Your insurance company may not be telling you everything. Know what you’re entitled to with a free consultation. Rest assured that we will never charge any fees unless we win.

Our Brandon Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Will Fight to Cover All of Your Damagesbadge-best

Pedestrian accidents can create a life-altering array of damages. When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, serious injuries and death may be likely outcomes.

We’ll identify all of your recoverable damages, which may include:

  • Medical expenses: Serious injuries may require ambulance transport, emergency medical care, surgery, hospitalization, and other forms of medical care. As anyone who has interacted with Florida’s medical system can tell you, such care is not cheap.
  • Professional harm: Injuries can cause you to miss work, scale back your hours, change jobs, or even retire because of a disability. Professional damages may include lost wages, lost earning power, diminished productivity, lost performance bonuses, and lost retirement benefits.
  • Pain and suffering: Florida’s civil system allows victims to seek compensation for pain and suffering. This type of non-economic damage may include pain from injuries, traumatic memories and dreams, lost sleep, emotional anguish, lost quality of life, and other adverse outcomes from your accident.
  • Property damage: If a pedestrian accident caused damage to any of your property, then you may receive coverage to repair or replace the damaged items.

Pedestrian accidents can cause the sudden, tragic loss of life. We may bring a wrongful death case on your behalf if you’ve lost a loved one.

In addition to the damages already listed, in a wrongful death case, we may seek coverage for:

  • Loss of consortium: This loss may cover lost companionship, parental guidance, household value, and other non-economic losses.
  • Lost financial support: If the decedent provided economic support to surviving loved ones, we’ll consider this in your lawsuit.
  • Funeral expenses: You may receive coverage for all funeral and burial expenses.

Pain and suffering is an especially significant loss in wrongful death cases.

The Brandon pedestrian accident lawyers at Boohoff Law, P.A., will account for all of your damages. Our team knows how to value current and future losses and even losses without a clear financial value—like pain and suffering. Your case is safe in our hands.

Our Team Will Handle All Case-Related Responsibilities

When we represent pedestrian accident victims, we assume as much of their case as we possibly can. You’re likely occupied with your recovery and other matters. Our job is to handle your case.

Our process.

A personal touch backed by big results.

  1. Understanding your options. From your first call, our team takes the time to listen and learn your unique situation. We’ll walk you through the factors that will increase the value of your claim and help you mitigate risks. Above all, we help you envision a personalized path forward.
  2. Connecting with your attorney. You will know within one to two days if our team can help. Your personal attorney and legal team will guide you through what to expect, ensuring you’re always informed about what’s going on. You will stay in control as an included member of the team working on your case.
  3. Investigate your pedestrian accident: We’ll seek all relevant evidence and witness accounts. We will also determine who is responsible for your pedestrian accident.
  4. Supporting documentation. Our diligent legal team will work with you to make sure all the necessary documentation is complete. We won’t leave a single loss out when pursuing a settlement or judgment. This includes insurance policy details, medical records, medical and repair bills, and lost wages.
  5. Protect your rights: We’ll defend your rights throughout the entirety of your case. Insurance companies, attorneys, and others who oppose you will have to go through us.
  6. Formulating a winning plan. We’ll assess your case—every detail, every angle—as we fight for the outcome you deserve. We roll up our sleeves and bring an unrelenting commitment and proven track record to formulate a winning game plan, keeping you clearly informed along the way.
  7. Negotiation and litigation. We are relentless in pursuing what’s right. We’ll try to settle first, We may go to court, and we can continue to seek a settlement even if we proceed to trial. We work with toughness and resilience as we negotiate directly with the defense to obtain the compensation you deserve. In cases that demand a court trial, our attorneys are expert personal injury litigators with the talent to maximize policy volumes and outcomes. Our pursuit of fair compensation never stops.

Let us lead your case. You just focus on getting better.

Brandon Pedestrian Accident FAQs

What Are Some High-Risk Areas in Brandon for Pedestrian Accidents?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) found that Florida accounts for a disproportionately high number of fatal pedestrian accidents. Specific locations in Florida may pose a particularly high risk of pedestrian accidents.

These locations may:

  • Put pedestrians and motor vehicles nearby
  • Have a high volume of motor vehicles
  • Have confusing traffic signals, sidewalks, or other dangerous conditions
  • Have other conditions that increase the risk of a pedestrian accident

Even though some areas may pose an especially high risk of a pedestrian accident, such accidents can happen anywhere. Our firm is familiar with Brandon. We may visit your accident scene, circumstances permitting. We’ll work to hold liable parties responsible for the harm they’ve caused you.

What Are Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries?

Pedestrian accidents can be particularly catastrophic, often leading to severe injuries or the tragic loss of life for an innocent person. Reckless driving, distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving can all lead to permanent or long-term injuries or worse.

When a vehicle strikes a human body, the size and weight of the vehicle can lead to severe trauma, even with a minor impact. The best personal injury lawyer in Brandon is necessary to thoroughly investigate the facts, and determine negligence in order to pursue compensation for damages.

Spinal cord injuries, fractures, disfigurement, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and death are unfortunately far too common in pedestrian accident cases.

Pedestrians regularly sustain other severe and life-changing traumatic injuries, including:

  • Fractures to hips, pelvis, legs, arms, or ribs
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputations
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Internal organ damage

If a pedestrian accident injured you or a loved one, immediately contact a Brandon personal injury lawyer, to get seasoned legal representation. Our firm focuses on providing our clients with compassionate and caring legal representation to help you through this difficult time. We care about the outcome of your case and will support you throughout.

Trusted Lawyer for Pedestrian Accidents in Brandon

Alex Boohoff, ​Brandon Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Searching for a lawyer for a personal injury case in Brandon? At Boohoff Law, P.A., we are very well-versed in Florida state law pertaining to pedestrian accident cases. We have a track record of successful advocacy for clients injured by negligent drivers.

We will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible to cover costs related to pain and suffering, medical and surgical expenses, lost income, and potential long-term rehabilitative treatment and care. If have lost a loved one to a pedestrian accident, we will tirelessly pursue a wrongful death claim on your behalf.

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer will allow you to focus on your health. Our team will handle communications, paperwork, negotiations, and all other aspects of your case in Brandon. Call Boohoff Law, P.A. today at (813) 321-7878 for your free consultation. There are absolutely no obligations when you call us, and we can often start working on your case soon after your call.

Contact a Brandon injury attorney at our firm if a pedestrian accident injured you or killed a loved one and you need experienced legal counsel.


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