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Has Your Business Been Interrupted or Affected Due to the Coronavirus?

As the emerging COVID-19 pandemic continues to imperil the American people and disrupt daily life, the challenges it poses to businesses of all kinds continue to evolve as well.

“Business interruption insurance” protects a business owner when disaster strikes. Your business insurance policy may cover this, but it may NOT explicitly say “business interruption insurance”. Coverage could be inferred through other language in your policy, and you still may be owed damages.

The experienced trial lawyers at Boohoff Law, PA, can review your policy at no cost, to see if you may be eligible for compensation. If you have a case, filing a claim is critical to make sure we notify the carrier on a timely basis.

** This body of law is changing daily due to the coronavirus outbreak, but our experienced attorneys are monitoring this very closely, and we will help you navigate this changing landscape.. We will look through your entire policy word for word, and by better understanding the complexities of your insurance policy, we can explain what it means today and what it may mean tomorrow.

Steps You Can Take

  • You will need to notify your insurance carrier
  • You will need to get a complete copy of your policy—not just the binder that contains a summary.
  • You will need to maintain and keep proper records of business transactions
  • You will need to prepare a claim

If you think you may have a claim against an insurance company for business interruption and loss, due to the Coronavirus, Boohoff Law, P.A. will fully review your claim, for free.

Call us now at (877) 999-9999 or write to us using our contact form. There is NO fee unless we win your case and recover damages for you!