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Tampa Premises Liability Lawyers

What is Premises Liability?

Tampa Premises Liability LawyersPremises liability refers to the responsibility that property owners have to keep their land safe for visitors, guests, customers and other invitees or licensees. If an individual is injured on their property due to negligence on the part of the property owner, then they may be held liable for the victim’s injuries. If you have been injured in this way then you may be able to collect money damages to help compensate for any financial hardships you have incurred along with your injury. Contact our Tampa premises liability lawyers at Boohoff Law to get the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Premises Liability Accidents

There are many various injuries that can result from accidents on another person’s property. Dog bites, slip and fall accidents, falling objects and many others can occur on the property of another and thus result in a premises liability case. The results of these accidents can be mild, or they can be extremely severe, even to the point of wrongful death in some cases. If this has occurred to you, then it is important for you to seek legal assistance from a Tampa premises liability lawyer in order to determine what your options are.

Slip & Fall Accidents in Tampa

One common way that people are injured on the property of another is through a slip and fall accident. This can result from an unseen object on the ground, a slippery surface with no reasonable warning and many other ways. As it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep their property safe, if they do not clear any obstacles then they must provide reasonable warning of the danger. If you were injured due to no fault of your own and any other reasonable person would have been injured in the same way then you may be able to collect damages.

How Our Reliable Injury Firm Can Help

Tatiana Boohoff Lawyer
Tatiana Boohoff, Tampa Premises Liability Lawyer

At Boohoff Law, P.A., our Tampa premises liability attorneys understand the hardships that you may have incurred along with your injury. Serious injuries can result in an inability to work and extensive medical bills. This will result in severe financial hardship most of the time. If you are experiencing severe financial hardship due to an injury that you have suffered, then it is important for you to seek our legal assistance in your case as soon as possible.

Our firm will be able to evaluate your case, provide you with answers, discussion, and advice regarding your situation and what should be done. We will also be able to work to obtain a settlement, or to pursue money damages through litigation or a trial procedure, if you choose to work with us. We are not afraid to fight on behalf of our clients in order to obtain maximum damages for you. We have a long history of success in the personal injury cases that we have handled in the past and we have many satisfied clients whom we have represented.

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Client Testimonial

“Boohoff Law, Definitely stands behind Integrity the staff is extremely professional. Tatiana is not only a fantastic attorney in her expertise however she’s also down-to-earth, truly a people person. I believe in establishing relationships in any type of business that you do, they definitely bring that to the table. Thank you for all your help in my time of need. I would highly recommend this firm to represent you.”

-Elissa M.

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